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What to do after GSA Contract Award

After GSA Contract award, there is still a good deal of work to be done. First, you will want to focus on the post-award registrations and uploads (GSA Focus handles this if you are a customer). Then, it is time to get serious about marketing your GSA Contract.

Registration after GSA Award #

1) GSA Focus will prepare and submit your catalog file to the GSA Advantage system. It will usually be approved within a week or two (rejections are common).

2) GSA Focus will prepare and send you some helpful documents for you and your team:

  • Post Award Cheat Sheet: This document has all of the basic important details regarding your GSA Contract.
  • Website Copy: This is a short write-up on your new GSA Contract details and GSA offerings. We recommend you prepare a GSA Contract landing page on your website. This copy could also serve as a Press Release.
  • There are also some helpful educational materials you can download HERE
  • Using the GSA’s Logo – downloads and policy found HERE

3) Here is the GSA’s webpage outlining the things you should know right after award. HERE >>

Marketing after GSA Contract Award #

  • After GSA Contract award, several systems become available to you (eBuy, Advantage, etc.). You cannot win opportunities if you do not participate in these systems, and respond to Request for Quotes (RFQ’s). Every time a client tells me they are not getting sales through their GSA Contract, I ask them if they are responding to RFQ’s. They always say “No.”
  • Before and after GSA award, it is a great idea to track and respond to RFQ’s on FBO.gov also. These are not always through GSA, but they can still be very good opportunities for you.
  • Look for teaming opportunities with complimentary firms. Learn More >>
  • If you are not winning at least 20% of the bids you pursue, then you must figure out why. Are your prices too high? is your value proposition lacking? Debrief with KO’s to figure out why they did not choose your company.
  • Make sure your GSA eLibrary page is up-to-date and markets your business well.
  • Partner with a solid BizDev firm like www.fedbidspeed.com and use their experience to increase your win percentage. Leveraging your GSA Contract after award is vital to your success in the federal market.
  • Commercial Marketing tools should be evaluated to see if they can successfully be directed at federal buyers. Obviously, not all tools convert well, but I think you will find this to be a way to spark creativity to open some marketing channels.

Other Considerations after GSA Award

  • How does my Company Maintain our GSA Contract?
  • What do I need to know about GSA Contract Compliance?
  • What is GSAAdvantage!?
  • What is GSA E-Buy?
  • Can my GSA Contract be cancelled?
  • Why am I getting a flood of spam emails from GSA Consultants?

How does my Company Maintain our GSA Contract?

In order to manage your GSA Contract well, you will need to (1) keep your offerings and prices up-to-date, (2) keep good records of GSA sales for quarterly reporting and audits, (3) search out and win federal contracts through your GSA Contract, and (4) understand the Terms and Conditions of your GSA Contract and keep compliant. GSA Focus

What do I need to know about GSA Contract Compliance?

There are many compliance factors to consider after your GSA Contract award. The universal rule to GSA Compliance are to keep to the negotiated prices (both through GSA and commercially with your BOA). Also, record-keeping is important in order to record and report GSA sales every quarter.

If you sale products, you will want to (1) keep good tabs on the Country of Origin, and make sure all products are manufactured in TAA compliant countries, and never sale a product under your GSA Number that is not on your GSA Contract.

If you offer services through your GSA Contract, then you will want to make sure you keep to the Labor Categories described in your most up-to-date approved version, and also mind the SCA and Davis Bacon requirements.

There are many more compliance issues, and you are encouraged to read through the Solicitation of your GSA Schedule to gain a full understanding of what you are bound to through your GSA Contract. Many Compliance topics are covered in our Knowledge Base for GSA Maintenance.

What is GSAAdvantage!?

The GSA has an E-Commerce system exclusively offered to product-based Businesses after GSA Contract award. Federal buyers can process an order through GSA Advantage and pay with a credit card (up to $3,000 without gathering multiple bids). GSA Advantage is also used as a search engine for GSA Contract services. Learn more about GSA Advantage and why it is the most powerful tool to sell products to federal agencies.

What is GSA E-Buy?

GSA Contract Holders are granted access to the exclusive bidding area known as E-Buy. RFQ’s are posted in this online system, and after up to 3 proposals are gathered a buyer can choose the winner. Often times, the project doesn’t go public until after the award takes place. Learn more about GSA eBuy.

Can my GSA Contract be cancelled?

Yes. If you are found to have major compliance issues, or fraud, your GSA Contract could be cancelled immediately. Also, if you do not meet the annual sales requirement ($25k fort two years, $25k every year after), then your contract may be cancelled. Every 5 years, when your GSA Contract comes up for renewal, your performance will be evaluated.

Why am I getting a flood of spam emails from GSA Consultants?

The GSA posts their approved Contractors on their public websites for buyers to locate easily. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies that think doing business through spamming will yield results. If the email comes from anything other than a “gsa.gov” you can most likely ignore it. Our GSA Consulting Services are second to none, and we do not spam. GSA Focus grows by word-or-mouth, and by sharing great content on our website.

Resources for After GSA Award #

GSA Training – GSA wants to help small businesses access the information they need to be successful as they seek opportunities to partner with our agency. The GSA has put together a list of recommended resources that include training, fact sheets and websites to assist you with learning about contracting with GSA.

How GSA Buys: Schedules and Contracts – GSA uses a variety of contracting vehicles to effectively manage procurement for both its own operations and its government customers.

Choose How to Sell to GSA – Small businesses exploring the federal marketplace need to consider the different contracting options available and decide which suits them best.

Find and Pursue Government Contracts – How do you find opportunities and turn them into revenue streams? Finding opportunities is easier than you may realize.

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