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What is needed for a Modification?

From time-to-time, you may need to refresh your GSA Contract offerings. There is a standardized process to handle this called a “Modification.” GSA Focus can handle this for you. Please use the checklist below and email the documents you collect to info@gsafocus.com, and we will prepare and submit your modification for you.

Modification Pricing


  • An updated price list with any new products or pricing (Template)
  • Invoice support for products (5-10 invoices), only for items being added or price changed.
  • If this is a new product line (and not your own products), let me know and I will prepare you a Letter of Supply (LOS) template to send to your manufacturer/supplier.


  • Labor Categories Document (Template)
  • 3-5 Project documents for services:
    • Invoices + Contracts + PO’s, etc.
    • From the past 2 years
    • Each Labor Category being added must have project support
    • A project can cover multiple Labor Categories.

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