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Sales Reporting

FAS Sales Reporting >>

  1. If you have an account: Click “Contractor Login” > “Accept”
    (If you do not have an account: Click “Register” > go through the verification process)
  2. Enter your Login and click “Sign In”
  3. Select “Reporting” on the left navigation
  4. Reporting Sales:
    • To report zero sales, of only a few transactions, click “Form Entry” then go through the reporting process.
    • To report a larger group of sales, click “File Upload” then go through the reporting process.

After you complete the reporting, select “Payment” on the left navigation and process the payment.



If you do not have a FAS ID (and therefore cannot login), please follow the instructions HERE >>.




SUPPORT: (877) 495-4849, vendor.support@gsa.gov

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