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Using login.gov with SAM.gov

Login.gov is a shared service used by government agencies to access applications across participating websites with one user credential. When you log in to SAM.gov, login.gov will authenticate your credentials.

Visit the login.gov help page if you need help resetting your password, if you forgot the email address associated with your account, or if you need to manage other features of your login.gov account.

Your login.gov user account is unique to you as an individual user. Your account includes your personal contact information and controls roles and permissions that pertain to your job functions as they relate to IAE systems. You should never share your login.gov account credentials with anyone else, including your colleagues, administrator, or even the help desk.

If you change your email address on login.gov at any time after creating your SAM.gov account, your access will be affected. Read more at “What happens to my SAM.gov access if I change my email address on login.gov?”

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