“GSA Focus added us $26.8M in revenue over 4 years” – Ted M., Cask

Using the GSA Logo

It is a very good idea to post the GSA Logo on your website, business card, and anywhere else you can. Agency Buyers know that a GSA Contractor is among the best options to purchase their goods and services from.

There are, however, some rules you will want to know. The link below will guide you through (1) options for logo downloads, and (2) the rules to follow.

Download GSA Logo

What if my GSA Contract is not yet awarded?

If your GSA Offer is submitted and under review by a GSA Contracting Specialist, then you will want to say that you are “GSA Pending.” This will communicate that your GSA Offer is under review and if the buyer has any questions, then they can contact you about them.

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