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There are 3 requirements in order to qualify for a GSA Contract:

  1. Your Company must be in business for 2+ years, with financials to prove it.
    (unless you are in the IT industry, then there is a “side door” into the GSA program)
  2. What you intend to offer through a GSA Contract, must be on the list of Schedules (full list found HERE >>).
  3. Your Company must have project or fulfillment experience within the scope of the GSA Schedule you are pursuing. Typically, at least 2 or 3 projects are required from within the past 1-2 years.

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Some side notes:

  • Financials are heavily reviewed, and if you have debt issues or have experienced a loss in the past 2 years, that can make for complications (but you are still eligible).
  • If your Revenue is below $150,000, then you may have to draft a letter addressing how you can meet the Minimum Sales Requirement of $25,000 when it is a large percentage or less of your total Revenue.
  • For products, the GSA follows the Trade Agreement Act (TAA) guidelines, which determines which Countries of Origin are allowable. The list of designated countries can be found HERE >> .
  • For Products that you do not manufacture, a Letter of Supply (LOS) will have to be acquired from your supplier(s)/manufacturer(s). Every product that is offered must be represented by a LOS, if you have multiple supplier(s)/manufacturer(s).
  • If an Officer of the company has been caught defrauding the government, then they must be removed from all dealings with the federal government, including anything relating to a GSA Contract.
  • For services, 50% or more must be completed by employees of the company. So, if you regularly subcontract the majority of your projects, this practice cannot be used with your GSA Contract.

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