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My name is Josh Ladick, Founder of GSA Focus ... and the fact you're on this page likely means one of two things…

You Heard About The "Hidden" $160 Million Daily Federal Contracting Market — And You Want Your Small Business In, or… ​

…At One Point Or Another, A Prospective Client Told You…
"We Need To Go Through a GSA Schedule To Buy From You."​

Either way, you likely already know about the fantastic benefits of getting your business a GSA Schedule Contract, such as… 

☑️ Fewer competitors — less time spent “marketing”… 

☑️ Shorter sales cycles — less time spent “selling”… 

☑️ Consistent sales — economy-proof demand for your services and goods… 

☑️ Fair, reasonable prices — negotiate only once – with our help! – and you’re DONE.

A GSA contract provides your Small Business with
Recession-proof demand
but there's a problem.

Our government spends billions every day to keep this beautiful nation wealthy. And much of that money ($45 billion in 2023) is funneled through the GSA Schedule program (AKA GSA Contract). 

Unfortunately – due to the complicated bureaucracy of our governmentGetting into the GSA Program is complicatedmessy… and stressful. 

(This is why only 4% of Small Businesses are on GSA Schedules. And why even less are successful.)  

If you’ve worked with the GSA before, you know the struggle: 

Reading through (literally) 100+ page forms… And when you finish, a new version is released.

❌   Dealing with compliance… Hiring lawyers, googling 1,000 things a day, etc. 

Circling back to the government every few weeks. spending less time on what matters: client-satisfaction…

Customers usually come to
GSA Focus because they…

…Want to avoid the slog (100+ hours) of GSA paperwork that a contract entails — to focus on the business… 

…Want to get a contract fast… and since we’re 5x faster than DIY (with a 98% success rate…) that’s a perfect fit…  

…Want to assure compliancefeel secure knowing you’re in the right hands. 

If any of these problems sound like your situation … you’re in the right place.  

GSAFocus has served 600+ clients with a 98% satisfaction rate… a refund guarantee… and an average 87x ROI. 

Limited spots each month. Secure your spot now.

GSA Focus is the fastest, easiest, and best way to get a GSA contract.  

There – I said it.  

GSA Focus just needs 3 hours of your time
to get you a profitable GSA contract…

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… and potentially add $927,000 to your bottom-line.

We're the fastest because:

We’re 4-6x faster than DIY. 

When you try to do-it-yourself with GSA, you’ll run into errors that will force you to restart. This happens often. Some compliance issue, or a simple misunderstanding can lead you to waste months of opportunities.  


With our 18+ years of experience 
(44+ combined years of experience!)
we know how to “jump over and around” hurdles.

We're the easiest because:

We take all the “brain power” out of getting an immensely profitable GSA contract. On average, you’ll only need 3 hours to give us what we need. And then… 

We do the other 100+ hours of work!

On top of that, we also help you negotiate (to get you lucrative, fair, and reasonable prices to sell at)…  

…and we have a GSA marketing service. If you already have a GSA contract. H

It’s all-in-one. So you can focus on actually running the business and scaling. 

We're the best because:

We’ve been the premiere GSA consulting firm for 18+ years.

We’re a team of specialists & marketers unmatched in the field of GSA.  

We even have personal contacts at the GSA which we leverage to get you in quicker. 

(We recently used these personal contacts to adapt ahead of time, anticipating a large change on the GSA’s end… while everyone else was left scrambling, picking up the rubble!) 

We’ll say it again, this is a killer three-in-one:

  • a 98% Success Rate
  • a refund guarantee, and
  • a fully done-for-you (DFY) solution

Working with the Fed is a good thing.
A great thing, even.
A fantastic thing.

Besides the fact you’re supporting your country by doing business with it (hats off to you!), it’s also immensely profitable. 

Once you get a GSA contract… 

✔︎ You don’t need to have worked with the government before… In fact, 57% of our clients never worked with GSA before.

✔︎ You won’t need to spend nearly as much time marketing, selling, and groveling…  

✔︎ The federal market is much less saturated than people think — about 44% of the Government Awards only get 1 bid. 

✔︎ You’ll be able to scale your company faster… 

✔︎ Federal contracts are MUCH larger than commercial contracts… commercial contracts are like a “drop in the pond” compared to federal.

✔︎ No more negotiations… We’re your “dedicated negotiators” for GSA…  We’ll make sure you get fair, lucrative and reasonable prices. 

✔︎ We’ll be there with you, on-call, as your authorized negotiator, to make sure you get the prices your Small Business deserves. 

Nothing is more expensive
than not having a GSA contract.

Some people think the value with a GSA contract “isn’t there.”

We would disagree. And so would the numbers — an average 87% ROI, plus we have a refund guarantee if it doesn’t work for your company. The truth is, though… 

…Every day you’re not on GSA, you’re missing out on $50m+ in opportunities.  

With less competition than the commercial sector… and way bigger contracts.  

(So literally all upside, no downside.) 

We’re happy to help you along with a FREE CONSULTATION to figure out if you’re fit for GSA. 


We go way beyond "just consulting."

(Unless, of course, if you just need some questions answered… in which case we’re also happy to help) 

We don’t just “consult” on GSA and leave you to figure out the rest.  

In fact, we’ve taken it 10 steps further: 

We guarantee your success with the GSA Program, or you don’t pay a cent.   

So, just to sum up: 

On average, GSAFocus clients add $927,000 of consistent revenue to their bottom line after working with us. That’s a 87x Return on Investment…

GSA means less time spent marketing… selling… and negotiating contracts (since you only need to negotiate once and you’re done…) 

With over 600+ satisfied clients and a 98% success rate… and a refund guarantee… 

…with only 3 hours of your precious time, since we take care of 95% of the paperwork for you. 

Gain access to daily $50m in opportunities from the biggest customer on earth.

Enjoying advisory support and training at all stages of the process…eliminating all risk.

If you could point me to any other source of revenue as predictably strong as GSA contracts, I’d be mind-blown.  

As far as I know, there aren’t any.  

Once you’re ready to get started with GSA… securing recession-proof demand 


On-call, we’ll… 

☑️ Ensure your GSA eligibility, for free 

☑️ Give you an estimated timeline for when you’ll enter their GSA contract can be set up program  

☑️ Advise on the best next steps 


Schedule a call to assess GSA eligibility, get a timeline, and advise on next best steps.


With your best interests in at heart, 

From your fellow patriot, 

Josh Ladick
President and Founder

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