“GSA Focus added us $26.8M in revenue over 4 years” – Ted M., Cask


I WOULD RECOMMEND GSA Focus for the purpose of securing a GSA MAS Contract.

  • GSA Focus delivered everything promised—and they were very enjoyable to work with.
  • GSA Focus provided the detailed guidance required to navigate the many many steps required.

(proper documentation, and information–required to submit to the GSA for the GSA to consider)

  • GSA Focus then took all the information I had to gather, prepare or etc. and
  • GSA Focus prepared in proper GSA Format for presentation to the GSA.
  • GSA Focus Presented my GSA proposal documents t the GSA.
  • And in my case my company was successful in being awarded a GSA MAS contract.

If your company wants to provide services-product to the US Government with a GSA MAS Contract, we highly recommend using GSA Focus. GSA Focus and Josh Ladick have the expertise, and provide all of the professional assistance for navigating everything required to be awarded a GSA MAS Contract. GSA Focus provides a “step-by-step HOW-TO” regarding all required information; forms & formats; all the documents; and all the required registrations–in order to be awarded a GSA Schedule Contract.

Simply put, without the help of GSA Focus and the company’s principal-Josh Ladick, we would never have been able to understand the entire process, let alone figure out what forms and documents and information was required in order to receive GSA consideration-and then our GSA Contract Award. GSA Focus has a command of facts and details and they walked us through it all. Josh Ladick and GSA Focus were fully engaged, and fully committed to our success. I have no reservations in highly recommending Josh Ladick and GSA Focus for any company wanting to become a GSA MAS Contractor.

Rick Fulton
Global Print Source LLC

I can tell you from one small business to another, we have been very happy with the end result of our working relationship. If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to reach out to us.
Les Burleson
VersaPro Global
GSA Focus is an outstanding company with great integrity and great talents. These two things alone are of prodigious value. I really enjoy working with them. We have the utmost confidence in their abilities! This goes without saying—we entrust in them a great responsibility. Keep up the good work!
Michael Benson
IFE Group
We needed to be on GSA Schedule to land a renewing contract. It was a tight deadline, and GSA Focus got the job done. They rallied to deliver in time, without their expertise and diligence; we would have lost a very large contract.
John H
The Systems Group
We found GSA Focus very easy to work with in getting our GSA Contract. Their Full Service approach simplified the process for us at every step. They also went to great lengths to educate us on the major terms and clauses of the GSA Contract, and get us started on Federal Marketing.
Heidi Miller
GSA Focus was instrumental in providing guidance, support and knowledge is support of being awarded a FSS. He worked with us from the beginning to generate all the documentation required, making submissions, follow up with the contract officer and coordinating meetings. He is a great asset and well worth the money. I highly recommend GSA Focus.
Pamela Jackson
Panakeia LLC
GSA Focus has been very helpful to me–he developed an excellent cape statement for me and then advised me about making changes on my GSA schedule–and his fees are extremely reasonable. I trust him wholeheartedly.
Sathi Dasgupta
SONA Consulting
GSA Focus provides excellent service and is very good at taking the complex GSA process and breaking it down into an understandable manner. I have used him in the past and recommend him without hesitation.
Richard Lanzillotto
Richard Lanzillotto Consulting
I have worked with Josh Ladick and GSA Focus for several years. His knowledge of the ins and outs of the GSA and managing GSA schedules have been very helpful to us.
Ken Nosker
Fulcrum Biometrics
We are so happy that we found GSA Focus! He helped us two years ago get set up with a GSA contract and was wonderful! Every time the GSA came back Josh knew exactly how to respond, what the timing should be, and could give us guidance on what steps would be next. We highly recommend him!
Katie Thacker
Vitech Corp.
GSA Focus did an excellent job steering us through the first-time GSA contract application process and has continued to be terrific to work with on managing it. He responsive and good to work with, and provides a lot of personalized assistance. I’d recommend Josh and GSA Focus to anyone.
Chris Bush
Monarch Media

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