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Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS), formerly Service Contract Act (SCA)

The Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS), formerly known as the Service Contract Act (SCA) applies to some nonprofessional services to be provided under this Schedule excluding pricing offered for services outside of the United States.

  • Any of your Labor Categories that overlap with a Category found on the SCLS “list” must be selected and stated into your GSA Contract. You will have wage determination restrictions on that Labor Category on all GSA projects that utilize these Labor Categories.
  • Any Labor Category that you offer that is NOT found on the SCLS list is exempt from this program and you do not have wage determination restrictions on that Labor Category.

You can search the SCLS Wage Determinations for your location HERE >>.


SCLS/SCA Wage Determinations – Applicable to any offer for services. These wage determinations are incorporated by reference into your Schedule contract. They are updated once a year.

Some of the proposed labor categories may be subject to the SCLS (usually nonprofessional categories and fixed-price services). As such, the Offeror should verify that its proposed base rates and fringe benefit rates for these labor categories meet or exceed the SCLS wage determination rates and fringe benefits for the areas included in the geographic scope of the contract (i.e., nationwide); the Offeror will be required to comply with applicable SCLS wage determination locality rates and fringe benefits regardless of the price proposed and awarded on any resultant Schedule contract.

Schedule contractors must comply with the base rate and fringe benefit rate requirements of the prevailing SCLS Wage Determination (WD) Revision Number currently incorporated into the GSA Schedule contract. Task orders may not incorporate WDs different from those incorporated into the Schedule contract, as the order may then be in conflict with the Schedule contract terms and conditions.


Beta SAM – SCLS Page / Formerly Wage Determinations Online(WDOL)

GSA Roadmap Page – select “Incorporated by Reference – Offers Containing Services”

FAR Clauses – Subpart 22.10—Service Contract Labor Standards

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