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GSA eBuy Does Not Match My Offerings

What do you do if the RFQ’s you are receiving from eBuy are not a good match for you?

This is pretty common. GSA eBuy can be a “firehose” for some SIN categories that are quite broad. In these cases, you are likely getting tens of opportunities emailed to you every day, and maybe 1-2 a month are a good match. While eBuy is not very helpful, there are some options to improve this situation.

  • Are you in the right SIN Category? Go to the GSA eLibrary MAS Page > run a search on your browser for all keywords relating to your service. This may surface a few more SIN categories that are a better match. (reach out to GSA Focus if you are not on a Maintenance Plan, we can get these SINs for you).
  • You are in the right categories. You may find that there are no other places for you. If this is the case, then the best move is to streamline the process in handling the RFQ’s you are receiving. Here are some tips:
    1. Create a gsa@yourcompany.com email address to send all of these leads to. Isolating them will help.
    2. Sit down and draft a list of your perfect GSA Opportunity. What keywords will it have? Location? Agency? etc.
    3. This list will guide you through researching the opportunities and pass/failing them quickly. You can even use this to build a procedure for an assistant to follow. They could get you a short list of potential projects.

Just remember that this is a common issue, and your competitors are likely dealing with the same thing. So, whoever is driven and enterprising will have an advantage here.

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