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GSA periodically refreshes the terms and conditions of its Schedule solicitations. Clauses may be updated, added or deleted. When a Schedule refresh happens, GSA will initiate a “Mass Modification” (Mass Mod) applicable to all Schedule contract holders. GSA may issue several Mass Mods during the term of your contract, and it is mandatory that you take action on each of these Mass Mods.

Mass Modifications are government-initiated modifications that occur when a uniform change occurs under the MAS program. A prime example is a refresh to the terms and conditions of your contract.

Mass Modifications allow acquisition centers to access a large population of the contractor with ease. When a Mass Modification is issued, the contract Authorized Negotiator is notified via email. The email will inform the contractor on how to navigate to the Mass modification application inside the Vendor Support Center, where the Mass Modification can be found. The website contains detailed information educating the reader on the background, purpose and implications of each modification. At the conclusion, you will be asked to either accept or decline the modification.

Upon execution, a confirmation email containing a printable SF30 is sent to you via e-mail. The signed SF30 becomes part of your contract file, and should be retained. A copy is also sent to your PCO and ACO. Unlike modifications that you initiate, which are administered by your PCO, government-initiated modifications are administered by your ACO.

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