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GSA Discounting

Understanding your GSA Discounting terms #

When assessing pricing, the GSA Reviewer’s goal is to ensure that the prices you charge are allowable under the contract’s terms. They will review the base pricing charged (as posted on invoices, PO’s etc.). They will also review any pricing increases, fees or discounts, such as:

  • Economic Price Adjustments (EPAs)
  • Quantity/volume discounts
  • Prompt payment discounts
  • Freight and/or handling charges
  • Restocking fees
  • Merchant credit card fees

These terms should be posted on all Invoices / Proposals for GSA Orders

Prompt Payment Terms (PPT) #

If you offer Prompt Payment Terms (for example 1 % additional discount if paid within 10 days) you must insure that the ordering agency has received any discounts due to prompt payments. These terms must also be posted on all Invoices / Proposals for GSA Orders.

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