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In order to certify to the provisions related to the DFARS, log into SAM and update your entity. Follow the steps below:

Confirm Purpose of Registration > Next

    1. Begin an update to your existing SAM entity registration, and select “Purpose of Registration and remaining entity registration” when prompted. (If you have not registered an entity with your DUNS number, you will begin a new SAM entity registration.)
    2. On the “Determine Purpose of Registration” page, answer “yes” to the following question: “Do you wish to bid on contracts?” This will to open up the contract sections within the registration.
    3. Complete the Core Data and Assertions portions of the registration.
    4. In the Representations and Certifications portion, answer “yes” to question 35 of the SAM Questionnaire that asks whether your entity wishes to bid on, or currently holds any DoD issued or DoD funded contracts.

5. The SAM Questionnaire will then allow you to answer the DFARS related questions (Questions 34-40). — You will very likely mark all of these as NO.

6. After completing the questionnaire, proceed with the registration process and submit.

Source: https://gsafsddev.servicenowservices.com/fsd-gov/answer.do?sysparm_kbid=02d02a7e6f585100211956532e3ee41c&sysparm_search= (this is old and some details are wrong)

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