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GSA Contract Management

GSA Contract Management

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You have worked very hard to get a GSA Contract, and after your GSA award, you should celebrate. But not too much, because you still have much work to do, In many ways, GSA Contract award is just the beginning. GSA Contract management can be intimidating, but the learning starts here.

Major GSA Compliance Topics

The Solicitation document for your GSA Schedule was likely between 500-800 pages. You are bound to the terms and conditions within this giant document, so I suggest you know the important parts. We suggest you read the Solicitation fully, but here are some important terms that apply across many solicitations:

GSA Price List. You MUST charge the most current negotiated prices on your GSA Contract. Keep your sales staff well informed of the importance of this, and make sure they all have your most recent GSA Price List to draft proposals from. In a GSA visit, any deviations from the price list could mean you have to cut a check to the GSA.

Price Reduction Clause. The discount you offer the GSA after negotiations is nearly permanent. There was a Most Favored Customer (MFC) that the GSA discount is applied to. If the discount or prices for the MFC change, then those changes must be applied to the GSA pricing. Otherwise you are violating the Price Reduction Clause of your GSA Contract.

Sales Tracking and Reporting Requirements. Every quarter you are required to report your GSA sales for each Special Item Number (SIN). Therefore, it make sense to utilize your accounting software to record which sales were through your GSA Contract. Then each quarter you will only need to run a search, and audit the findings against your master list.

Minimum Sales Requirements. Within the first two years, a new GSA Contract holder must reach at least $25,000 in GSA Sales, and the same amount in each additional year. Although this is not 100% enforced by the GSA, many companies have been dropped from the schedule for failing to sale. This is a major topic when your contract is up for renewal, and when you are rated in a Vendor Scorecard.

GSA Upload requirements. If you have products on your GSA Contract, then you are required to upload them to GSA Advantage! within 6 months. Also, if you have made changes (modifications) to your GSA product/price list, then you must make the same changes in GSA Advantage! quickly. If years go by, and your products on GSA Advantage! do not change, then you will have many troubles.

Contract Compliance

1) MAS Solicitation Clauses you must learn:

  • GSA Price List – do not deviate
  • Sales Tracking and Reporting Requirements
  • Price Reduction Clause
  • Minimum Sales Requirements
  • GSA Upload requirements

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Important Links:

GSA Homepage – The General Services Administration is responsible for over half of US Government spending. There are a variety of Schedules for a GSA Contract, and information on GSA schedules can be found on this site.

GSA Advantage – After your company acquires a GSA Contract, your products will be listed on GSA Advantage for the government to place orders.

GSA E-buy – After your company acquires a GSA Contract, you will gain access to Ebuy, a place where potential government contracts are first posted.

GSA E-Library – GSA offers a wide range of acquisition services and solutions utilizing a variety of tools, contract vehicles, and services to meet the customer’s specific needs including Multiple Award Schedules, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts, Technology Contracts, and Assisted Acquisition Services.

GSA Reverse Auctions – An imitative by the GSA starting in 2013, where a purchase requirement (usually for commodities or simple services), is posted, and Contractors can bid the price down until the auction ends.

USA Spending – Have you ever wanted to find more information on government spending? This website keeps an account of how much is spent in a variety of categories.

GSA Wikipedia – For information and a historical account of the General Services Administration.

2) GSA Contract modifications – You must keep you prices and offerings up to date, adjusting them on your GSA Contract relative to how they are adjusted commercially.

  • Price Adjustments
  • Adding / Deleting Items
  • Other Upkeep Topics

3) Important FAR Clauses – The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is a giant, multi-thousand page document. You do not need to memorize the entire document, but knowing the important clauses that relate to your company is vital in keeping compliant after GSA award.

  • Trade Agreements Act (TAA)
  • Ethics & Compliance Program
  • Purchasing Requirements

4) Contractor Assistance Visit (CAV) – The GSA will send an “inspector” to your site 2 times every five years to review your GSA tracking systems, past sales, etc. Mainly, they want to know if you are keeping compliant after GSA award.

  • Purpose and Preparation
  • Contractor Report Card

Marketing After GSA Award

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