How to Obtain a GSA Schedule Number in 6 Steps

how to obtain a gsa schedule number

How to Obtain A GSA Schedule Number – The GSA Schedules Program opens up a world of new options and tools for businesses to sell to the government. If you have a GSA Schedule, you will have access to a whole new world of contracting and networking opportunities that could help you grow your firm […]

The Basics of GSA Contract Schedule

Contract Schedule

The Basics Of GSA Contract Schedule – President Harry S. Truman founded the General Services Administration, or GSA, in 1949 to streamline the federal government’s administrative duties. The initial aim of the GSA, which was to dispose of war surplus items, manage and preserve government archives, oversee emergency preparedness, and stockpile strategic supplies for wartime, […]

GSA Certifications: 3 Outstanding Benefits

GSA Certifications

GSA Certifications – Paperwork, bargaining and negotiating, market research, among many other tedious procedures, abound for companies attempting to break into the federal government sales funnel. Selling to the federal government can be frightening, but there are methods to make it easier; GSA is one of the most popular options and with good reason. Companies […]

Quoting Open Market Items through GSA eBuy

Quoting Open Market Items through GSA eBuy

The GSA eBuy provides the US federal government and military services worldwide an online acquisition and procurement site to find commodities and solutions at a competitive value and price. Government buyers must purchase pre-assessed products and services from a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), also known as a GSA Schedule. What is eBuy? GSA eBuy […]

A 3 Steps Guide to the GSA Contract Acquisition Process

GSA Online Catalog

Setting out on a new journey can be overwhelming, and the GSA Contract’s standards do not help assuage that sensation. While it makes sense that the government would only want the best applicants, opting for a GSA Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS) contract can be intimidating. Fortunately, thorough and rigorous preparations must get implemented to be […]

How Small Businesses Can Get Started With A GSA Contract? 5 Steps!

How Small Businesses Can Get Started With A GSA Contract

The General Services Administration (GSA) established its programs to nurture entrepreneurship and foster small business growth. At the same time, federal agencies can ensure that they meet with GSA’s trusted industry partners to assist their products and services procurement. How to Sell Your Products and Services to the Government Marketplace Selling your products and services […]

What are the Reasons For GSA Schedule Rejection?

reasons for gsa schedule rejection

The United States Government created GSA Schedule Contracts to provide a simplified course of action for federal agencies to obtain products and services without going through many unnecessary steps to find the right supplier or manufacturer. Going for a GSA Schedule Contract is an outstanding direction to sell to federal agencies. Besides the convenience of […]

How has the MAS Consolidation Impacted GSA eBuy?

GSA Federal Marketplace

To further the General Services Administration (GSA) initiatives, they established the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program. Among the four market strategies of GSA, the MAS program aims to implement strategies within the federal government market. This initiative allows both the buyers and the vendors to streamline the acquisition, making the entire transaction a breeze. With […]

What is the System for Award Management (SAM) Exclusions?

system for award management

One of the federal government’s primary contracting vehicles transitioned its acquisition tools to a new and improved platform. The General Services Administration (GSA) improved its central government procurement platform to keep its users updated with their contracting data. GSA procurement tools and governmentwide services migrate to a centralized portal for accessibility and convenience. In this […]