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GSA Certifications: 3 Outstanding Benefits

GSA Certifications

GSA Certifications – Paperwork, bargaining and negotiating, market research, among many other tedious procedures, abound for companies attempting to break into the federal government sales funnel. Selling to the federal government can be frightening, but there are methods to make it easier; GSA is one of the most popular options and with good reason.


Companies looking to sell to government agencies can benefit from GSA’s status as a Best in Class (BIC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contracting vehicle for the government. This option is made possible by establishing a set contract schedule with standard terms and conditions and a pre-approved catalog of products and services. Companies who meet the qualifications go through the GSA Contract Schedule Offer procedure and receive a GSA MAS contract, and they are referred to as “GSA Approved.”


For federal contractors, being GSA-approved is a huge plus. Although companies can sell to the government without going through GSA, having a GSA Schedule will make things much easier.


GSA Approval is a designation given to businesses that have received approval to sell to the U.S. government through the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA is the buying department of the U.S. Government. It provides GSA contract schedules or GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) that potential suppliers can bid on to win government business.


GSA approval is a non-industry-specific status for businesses that produce or deliver products or services for the U.S. government.


Organizations must complete several processes to become eligible to bid on a GSA contract schedule, including getting a DUNS number, registering in the government’s SAM (System for Award Management), and giving previous customer contact information for the GSA to do a historical performance evaluation. To sell to the GSA, you must have a demonstrated track record in your industry. Moreover, the government normally requires a two-year history of earning at least $25,000 each year.


Persistence, time, and research are all required to acquire a GSA Certifications MAS and become a GSA vendor. Many small firms find the process intimidating because they lack the resources, time, or money to make schedule acquisition a reality; however, GSA Experts can assist!


There are several other procedures to take before getting on a Schedule, in addition to making sure your history matches what the GSA needs. For example, you will need to prepare financial logs, work statements, and historical performance records, among other things. There will also be additional online procedures to complete, including the “Pathway to Success” curriculum and a “Readiness Assessment,” both of which can be time-consuming.


In this regard, GSA experts can walk you through the entire GSA contract schedule acquisition process, from start to finish, and even provide hourly or annual maintenance.


How long does it take to get GSA certified?

The GSA contracting procedure can take up to 6-9 months if everything goes smoothly. This period encompasses the time needed to prepare and submit all the documentation and the time a GSA officer must assess an offer, which takes about 120 days.

Generally, the typical GSA MAS application process takes three steps:


Step 1: Register at GSA

If you are starting from scratch, step one will take a few months because you will need to acquire a DUNS number and a NAICS code, then you will need to register with System for Award Management and go through the required training. With a GSA expert, you can significantly expedite this process.

Step 2: Submit all Necessary Information

The second step can take anything from a week to a year, or even longer. Before the GSA can consider your offer, you must submit a slew of paperwork to GSA.


This paperwork comprises information about your company, financial statements, price proposals, and many technical details, among other things. Furthermore, product-based GSA contract schedules demand you to submit a codified list of all of your items and a Market Rate Sheet to compare your offer to the competitors.


Step 3: Wait for GSA to Review your Offer

Step three has a waiting period of 120 days; however, if your offer gets rejected due to a lack of information or errors, return to step 2.


So, how long does it take to apply for a GSA MAS? If not done correctly, the GSA contract schedule application procedure can easily grow into a multi-year affair!


What can you do when you are GSA-approved?

Being GSA-approved and acquiring a GSA Certifications MAS offers a wealth of benefits. The most notable of these benefits is that selling to the government ensures a secure and trustworthy buyer. The GSA MAS program is a categorized, comprehensive offering of nearly every product and service accessible. GSA MAS now has approximately 11 million commercial items and services available, providing a stream of income for small businesses and quality products and services for government buyers.


In terms of expediting procurement efforts, all government contract schedule holders should strive for “GSA Approved” status. If your firm wants to get GSA approved and obtain a GSA MAS, you should first figure out the best approach to proceed with the process depending on your specific situation or circumstance.


Countless companies have built a successful sales repertoire and have earned access to GSA MAS opportunities by streamlining through GSA Schedule contracts. Your company could be next! Do not get left behind in the public sector; start the process of obtaining GSA approval right now!

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