“GSA Focus added us $26.8M in revenue over 4 years” – Ted M., Cask

GSA Focus accelerates your access to a GSA Schedule 5x faster, with only 4 hours of your time in most cases. Our clients average +$927,000 to their bottom line.

  • 5X Faster than DIY

  • Guarantee of Award

  • ROI = 52X Average


550+ GSA Contract awards 👉 $500M+ in Total Federal Sales

"Without GSA Focus, we couldn't have navigated the complex process to secure GSA Contract Awards for several of our clients".
John Wayne II
"Completely understands GSA. Provides easy-to-use portal and tools."
Carolyn Kinsell
Solers RG
"Guided us through every step in getting contracts completed. Highly responsive and recommend GSA Focus."
Raja Srinivasan
"Delivered as advertised and went above and beyond. Couldn't have received our GSA contract without them."
Berj Garibekian
TransPacific Technologies
"Smart, trustworthy, and creative. Provides long-lasting solutions."
Miranda Moncur
"MacGyver Solutions is one of GSA Focus' success stories - having them do the heavy lifting on the initial contract was a huge help."
Mike Jackson
Founder, MacGyver Solutions, Inc


Our mission is to make Government Contracts available to everyone

✅ We help you grow your Federal Sales

✅ Backed by 17+ years of driving growth
(even in tough economic times)

Are you tired of feeling struggling to penetrate the federal market? Maybe you don’t know where to start, or are losing one bid after another.

We get it. Many small businesses struggle with the same issues:

❌  Lacking the knowledge & expertise to manage GSA paperwork, leading to costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

❌  Struggling with low confidence that you will even win in the federal market, or that you just don’t understand “the game.”

❌  Researching the web to find confusing and conflicting strategies to compete for government contracts.

❌  Worrying about compliance risks, and the very large Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) you must follow.

Luckily, we’ve been in the game for 17 years, working with hundreds of Small Businesses who started in your position. We helped them overcome the very same struggles that you’re facing.

And we’ve been obsessed with one thing only: What does it take for Small Businesses to compete and win Government Contracts?

This dedication has led us to develop a suite of powerful solutions that, when put into practice, instantly result in:

✅  Experienced guides with swift GSA contract approvals

✅  Access to low-competition government contracts.

✅  Optimized, time-saving processes to locate, pursue & win bids.

✅  A best-in-class customer experience (ask about our Portal & Pipeline 😀).

We’ve made it our mission to increase Small Business wins in the federal market.  We are here to empower and grow your company to achieve your wildest federal sales goals.

Limited spots each month. Secure your spot now


Grow your federal sales, Guaranteed!

With minimal time investment

Get into the GSA Schedule Program

GSA Onboard:
Use our secure portal as a checklist and guide. Upload ~ 12 required items, then click the "I'm Finished" button.
Document Preparation:
GSA Focus prepares and submits your Offer to GSA. We assist with any clarifications during GSA's review process.
GSA Award:
Receive expert guidance during final negotiations. We manage all document preparations for the award process.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


GSA Maintenance
on Autopilot

Committed to Compliance and Maintenance of your GSA Contract. We ensure smooth handling of your maintenance needs.
A complete solution for GSA Maintenance. You can concentrate on your core business activities.
We offer plans that are predictable and adjustable to your needs.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Federal Marketing
(GSA Accelerator )

Pipeline Sprint & Start:
Our "Filtering > Watchlist > Pipeline" model is simple and effective for you to locate and pursue winning bids.
Proposal Writing & Active Marketing:
Three months of proposal writing to create a library. Target specific federal departments for email outreach (+ networking, forecasting, recompetes).
2x Month coaching calls + LinkedIn Private Group, Federal brand audit.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Our solutions get results, guaranteed!

GSA Award or full refund, and 5X ROI on Accelerator over 18 months or full refund (if effort requirements met)


Gain access to $150M /day of exclusive, low-competition federal bids through the GSA Schedule program


Easy & secure online interface for your GSA document uploads, then a done-for-you approach.

Guidance & expert help are there for you all along the way.


Our GSA Specialists have decades of experience in document building and managing the review process.


  • 2-week “sprint” to get you set-up to start bidding.
  • Daily Watchlist of curated Opportunities
    (GSA, SAM, DIBBS, State).
  • Pipeline system to manage Proposals (Federal CRM).


  • Comprehensive Federal Brand audit.
  • Active Marketing to targeted Fed Buyers.
  • 2X monthly coaching calls.


  • 3 Months of Proposal writing.
  • 2 per month
  • Option to continue
  • Template Library building.

Have questions about GSA Schedules?

The purpose of a GSA Contract is to streamline federal procurement and foster growth for businesses. A GSA Contract is a long-term agreement with the U.S. General Services Administration, allowing government agencies to purchase products and services at pre-negotiated prices from Contractors like you (after approval, of course 😉).

Every business has unique needs. Our solutions are tailored to different levels of GSA requirements, ensuring each business finds the perfect fit for their specific needs. We help Contractors get into the GSA Program, Maintain their GSA Schedule, and Accelerate federal sales growth. Our services fit into any small business looking for the missing piece.

Your success is our mission! We leverage years of expertise, proven strategies, and a deep understanding of government contracting to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients. We cannot guarantee results, but we offer refunds in the event that our services fall short of the pre-agreed goals and parameters.

Absolutely! We have a MANY testimonials that highlight our success stories and the tangible results we’ve delivered for our clients. View the collection here >>

We believe in personalized guidance. Please contact our specialists, and we’ll assess your specific needs to recommend the most suitable solution for your business. Click the “Discovery Call” button above and below to get started.


What are you waiting for?

Federal Sales growth is just around the corner.

  • 4X Faster than DIY

  • Built in Coaching, Guidance & Tools

  • ROI = 52X Average

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