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Winning Business with a GSA Contract

As a Small Business, you likely know that a GSA Contract will open the door to pursue some big federal opportunities. However, you probably don’t quite understand the inner-workings. It is about time you learned about the different GSA Marketplaces, and how to leverage them to win Government business. Open the door to over $23 billion in GSA opportunities today!

GSA Marketplace #1: GSA ADVANTAGE

The online shopping & ordering system that fed buyers use to purchase from GSA contractors.
Anyone may browse on GSA Advantage! But only GSA Contractors can receive Purchase Orders from this system.

GSA Marketplace #2: GSA EBUY

The GSA’s online Request for Quote (RFQ) tool, which facilitates RFQ’s
for products & services.
Only GSA Contract holders may view & pursue the opportunities in this exclusive system.

GSA Marketplace #3: GSA ELIBRARY

The “Yellow Pages” that fed buyers use to locate and research GSA Contractors.
Often times, this is where a Government Purchase starts, and being on the short list in this initial stage is a huge advantage.


Government buyers utilize the GSA’s Reverse Auction platform for non-complex purchases.
Only GSA Contract holders may view & pursue the opportunities in this exclusive system.

GSA Marketplace #5: FED BIZ OPPS

The term “Open Market” refers to non-GSA opportunities, and mostly post to
Many opportunities are still set-aside for GSA Contractors only.

These GSA Marketplaces combine to offer GSA Contract holders a massive advantage in the federal market: the opportunity to participate on a large number of bids that non-GSA companies do not have access to.

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