TAA Compliance: The Importance of Remaining TAA Compliant

TAA Compliance

If you wish to become a GSA Schedule contractor, you must first complete a few prerequisites before you can begin developing your GSA Schedule Proposal. One of the requirements you must have is to comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA Compliance). At first, this may seem daunting. However, everything seems overwhelming when you start […]

What is Capture Management?

Capture management, or capture planning, is the process of gathering information, establishing relationships, developing competitive information and strategies to obtain future RFx opportunities. What is an RFx? In the procurement technology industry, RFx is an acronym for Request for [x], where x stands for Information (RFI), Proposal (RFP) or Quotation (RFQ). Continuous and effective procurement […]

What Is Federal Proposal Writing?

 Government Contracting is an exciting endeavor for any small business looking to expand their market and reach new milestones. However, before you enter the federal market, you need to prepare. The best way is to develop a winning proposal writing strategy. Government agencies publish various types of orders that are open to the public: The […]

System of Award Management: Meet SAM

System Of Award Management

Integrity throughout the GSA system is paramount to the program’s success. Everything that the GSA accomplishes gets made possible by the integrity and reputation of the program. Therefore, companies must first sustain Exclusion Monitoring to uphold program integrity, compliance, and customer safety. However, because the government must continuously watch many lists at the federal and […]

Interview with John Wayne, a master Proposal Writer

John Wayne II – Master Proposal Writer Company background Profit sharing approach What do people tend to prefer? Prop writing Sell to government – JW contracts Grow biz quick Associates in — Marine Biology and Child Psychology Sales roles, mostly relating to government, since 2000 Professional Bio John Wayne II Tampa Bay, Florida CEO, Business […]

GSA Contracts for Dummies

GSA Contracts for Dummies

This article will provide a comprehensive GSA guide: Here are GSA Contracts for Dummies. President Harry S. Truman founded the GSA in 1949 to streamline federal procurement and administrative operations. The GSA has evolved significantly since the late 1940s and is currently America’s sole supplier for federal products and services. The General Services Administration (GSA) […]

Federal Marketing Guide: How to Market the Federal Government

Federal Marketing

Federal Marketing – The federal government has transitioned from in-house manufacturing and procurement to contracts on the GSA’s Multiple Awards Schedule and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) to discover acquisition solutions. You do, however, have a distinct advantage in federal marketing because you have a GSA contract. Many government entities seek engineering, environmental, logistics, consultancy, or […]

GSA Sales

GSA Sales

While securing a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract from the General Services Administration (GSA) may appear to be the most demanding element of the procedure, maintaining contract compliance can be even more challenging. For one, every contractor gets obligated to disclose their GSA sales every quarter once the contract gets awarded. Moreover, contractors must pay […]

The GSA: Everything You Need to Know


In 1949, President Harry Truman established the General Services Administration to improve the federal government’s purchasing and administrative processes. Since the late 1940s, GSA has developed significantly and is now the only source in the United States entirely dedicated to procuring products and services for the federal government. Government contracting gets regarded frequently as a […]