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A Dog’s Guide to Government Contracting: Little Chief’s Dilemma

GovCon Lessons from a Dog

Hey there!

I have a dog, Chief? He is an “ugly/cute” puggle, his picture is below .

Ever caught yourself chasing too many opportunities, much like my dog Chief who runs towards every new hand for a pet,
… even when he’s already got a dedicated petter?

Let’s learn from Little Chief’s dilemma.

Tale of the Distraction-Prone Puggle

Chief is a lovable, enthusiastic dog who’s always looking for new friends.

His problem? He leaves a perfectly good human who is giving him love …  to chase after the prospect of another – but not every hand offers the same affection. Therein lies the dilemma.

What’s this got to do with Government Contracting?

In the world of government contracting, opportunities are as abundant as the hands willing to pet Chief.

But, here’s the catch – resources in small businesses are limited. So, we must choose, and the right move is not always obvious.

Sometimes the best thing to do is let other prospects pass you by (for now)
…and focus on the opportunity you are committed to.
You can’t afford to chase every opportunity that wags its tail at you.

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Focusing on What Matters: B2G Lessons from Chief

I can’t take Chief’s dilemma and not spin it into a series of 7 lessons for GovCon dominance.

  1. Building a Winning Process: Like training Chief to discern the best petters, focus on developing a process to identify the most promising RFQs. It’s not about the quantity, but the quality of opportunities you pursue.
  2. Long-term Nurturing: Just as Chief should appreciate a long-term petter, prioritize nurturing ongoing Sources Sought opportunities that promise long-term benefits.
  3. Commitment to Learning: Keep learning new tricks. Stay updated with the latest in government contracting, much like Chief learning which spots to sniff for the friendliest hands.
  4. The Power of Saying No: Chief must learn that it’s okay to stay put if you are getting some good pets. Not all opportunities align with your business goals or capabilities. Even if you miss an opportunity, if the timing is not right then the distraction will set you back.
  5. Discipline over Diversification: Concentrate on fewer, more profitable opportunities rather than spreading yourself too thin. Chief wouldn’t catch a frisbee if he chased every squirrel, right?
  6. Understanding Government Buyers: Know your audience, research & study them. Understanding what government buyers are looking for is just like understanding what makes a hand the best possible petter.
  7. Ego Aside, Be Helpful: In the end, it’s not about ego. The right opportunities will come when you focus on being genuinely helpful. I don’t have a Chief reference for this one, he is an ego-less creature .

Concluding Thoughts

Chief’s story is more than just a cute tale; it’s a metaphor for strategic focus in government contracting. By applying these principles, you’ll find yourself not just chasing but winning where it counts.

Still pondering how to apply these lessons to your business? Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how to make your government contracting journey as rewarding as a good petting session for Chief!

To winning contracts and wagging tails,

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Here is that picture of Chief I promised:

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