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How to Break Through the Government Contract Trust Barrier

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Winning your first government contract can feel like an insurmountable challenge due to the trust barrier. The government tends to buy from those they already trust, creating a catch-22 for new businesses. However, there is a strategy to overcome this barrier and secure your first contract win.

The Secret to Winning Government Contracts: Debriefs

One of the most effective methods to break through the trust barrier is utilizing debriefs. Agency buyers are required to provide debriefs to answer questions about your proposal. If you skip this step, it’s like paying tuition but skipping classes – you miss out on valuable learning opportunities that can lead to significant revenue gains.

The Importance of Debriefs

Debriefs help you understand why your proposal was not selected and provide insights to improve your future bids. This simple yet powerful step can build your past performance and establish trust with government buyers.

How to Conduct an Effective Debrief

Follow this process for successful debriefs:

  1. Submit Bid
  2. Lose
  3. Debrief
  4. Revelations
  5. Improve Next Bid
  6. Repeat
  7. Win

Always request a debrief, regardless of whether you win or lose. During the debrief, ask the federal buyer why your proposal was not selected. If the feedback is not clear, probe deeper for details that can help you improve.

Real-World Example: The Power of Debriefs

A customer of ours learned through a debrief that they lacked trust from buyers because they had no prior government work. They then focused on winning subcontracts with Federal Primes. Within six months, they started winning government contracts as their Capability Statement now reflected some agency work. Debriefs saved them years of frustration and helped them succeed.

Building Trust with Past Performance

Past performance is crucial for building trust with government buyers. However, another effective way to establish trust is by getting awarded a GSA Schedule Program contract. This can significantly boost your federal sales.

Accelerate Your Federal Sales with GSA Focus

At GSA Focus, we specialize in getting small businesses into the GSA Schedule Program quickly and with minimal effort on your part. Our customers average $927,000 in GSA Sales and achieve even more sales outside of GSA.

Fast-Track Your Success

Start with debriefs to gain critical insights into why you weren’t selected and improve your proposals. To fast-track federal sales even further, schedule a strategy session with a specialist. We’ll discuss specific ways to win more contracts and other valuable strategies, such as branding for federal customers.


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