“Our revenue grew $26.8M in 4 years on the GSA Schedule Program” – Ted M.

“GSA wealth window” will briefly open in 2024

GSA Wealth Window

Hello ,

Are you still looking into getting a GSA contract?

I’ve been President of GSAFocus for 18 years now… and I’m about to share with you the single most profitable tip for GSA contracts in 2024.

Here’s why I ask:

Presidents usually boost funding (and GSA Spending goes crazy) when they start their term.

Because (1) it helps stimulate the economy… and (2) it helps achieve the big goals they set during election time.

Which means every 4 years there’s a short “wealth window” that opens for those clever enough to get in because…

Every 4 years, if you’re positioned right, you can pounce on millions in contract value easily… just by getting a GSA contract!

Obama was all about going Green… Trump built the border… and Biden focused on economic recovery after COVID.


In 2019 we saw an 11% boost in spending for the GSA (and my clientele profited handsomely!)

Also – since Covid, GSA spending has increased 30%, up to $46.6 billion. And I expect it to keep climbing steadily.

And each of these boosted total sales through GSA, time and time again… which leads us to this year.

Here are my predictions of what will happen in the world of GSA in 2024 (highly recommend checking if your sector is one of these..!):

  • American IT infrastructure companies will profit handsomely… because both Trump and Biden will want to modernize the sector & increase funding up to 200% in 2024.
  • Roads & other such “physical” Infrastructure needs a refresher across the whole nation, so Facilities & all types of structures will definitely get funded more…
  • There is still a major knowledge gap within the government, so all Professional Services & Training will continue to grow …
  • The USA is involved in many unstable areas across the world (Ukraine, Gaza, Yemen, …), and this opens up opportunities for all sorts of supplies and logistics services to deliver.

So in case you were on the edge about getting a risk-free GSA contract… NOW is the time to book a call and see what we can do for you.

In case you don’t remember (I know it’s been a while!):

  • GSAFocus has helped over 500 businesses like yours go from “no contract” to an average of $927,000 added to their business’s bottom-line…
  • …we’ve done it with a 98% success rate
  • …we speed up the process by four to six times
  • …and we offer a refund guarantee if we can’t get you your contract – meaning there’s literally NO risk.

At any rate it’s a no-brainer… let alone this year.

So again, just respond to this email… or book a call HERE so we can get you set up and running.

From your fellow patriot & the founder of GSAFocus – the only GSA consulting company that guarantees your satisfaction…

Josh Ladick

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