“Our revenue grew $26.8M in 4 years on the GSA Schedule Program” – Ted M.

The bone-head GSA Misconceptions

GSA Misconceptions

“I missed so many opportunities.” A customer told me 1-year after their GSA Award.

“How?” I asked.

“I didn’t think I could get into the GSA Program, I heard that federal sales were required.”

I’ve had similar conversations about GSA Misconceptions with many business owners and managers.

They are stunned when they realize they missed out on $50 million in daily opportunities.

They have been putting off getting into GSA. All because some bone-head gave them faulty information years back.

The truth is, there are many misconceptions about the GSA program floating around.

And in the past 18 years, I’ve heard it all.

I’ve also seen some amazing success stories over the years. I’d love to see you added to that list.

One thing I know for sure – it’s always a good idea to talk to a specialist and sort out the facts.

Do you want to hear the truth from a GSA specialist…
   and assure you’re not making decisions from faulty information?about There are so many GSA misconceptions. 


Sometimes I just have to chuckle. 

People really do think some CRAZY things about the GSA program.

Here are my “top 4 favorite GSA misconceptions” – they are so funny.

But they may actually help clear-up some bad information you’ve been told.

(1) “I have my SAM, so I’m in the GSA program.”

No, you are not in the GSA Program by simply registering on SAM. That just gets you to the base of the mountain.

Getting into the GSA program is a massive process, usually taking at least 6 months.

A large document package must be built and submitted → then the GSA reviews it, going through with a fine-tooth comb.

The GSA award process is difficult and frustrating. That is why GSA Focus exists.

Some have told me they thought SAM = GSA, and lost a huge contract because they did not actually have GSA like they thought 🙁.

Bidding was a terrible waste of their time and effort .

(2) “GSA buyers already know who they’re gonna choose, and it ain’t me.”

Do you really think government buyers are making crooked deals behind closed doors?

They are bound to the largest rulebook in all-of-government. Look up the Federal Acquisition Regulation (F.A.R.) if you ever can’t sleep.

The data says that this is completely WRONG.

44% of the U.S. Government awards actually only get one bid (Carnegie Mellon 2015).

You won’t win every bid you pursue. That’s just reality. But the landscape is far less competitive than you think.

(3) “My federal sales are zero, so I’m not eligible.”

GSA Focus has seen hundreds of our customers awarded into the GSA Schedule program. Around half had ZERO federal sales when starting.

Commercial, State, and all other past performance is 100% usable to get you into GSA.

The GSA is completely fine with you having no federal sales.

(4) “GSA requires my best pricing ever, and I’ll make no profit.”

Nope. Absolutely not.

GSA definitely wants “fair and reasonable” pricing (their term).

However, if you have a customer that has some deep discounts, they usually earn them by bringing some massive projects (and lots of $$$).

GSA understands that they do not deserve the same deep discounts (unless a GSA customer brings you a massive deal too).


Well, there you go.

So, again – it’s always a good idea to talk to a specialist and sort out the facts before you decline a major opportunity. The GSA Program offers access to federal opportunities like no other program.

If you want to hear the truth from a GSA specialist, and assure that you’re not making important decisions from faulty information ~ set at time to talk Here >>

Your fellow Patriot,

GSA Focus, Inc.

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