Knowing the FAR – Some resources for Small Businesses

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Does the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) intimidate you? It is just so long and full of legalese, that many Small Business owners likely wonder if they can possibly keep compliance. And, I am sure there is some sleep lost over the penalties for violations (however, if you have trouble sleeping, you can always just read […]

4 Things You Need to Know to Locate & Win GSA Bids

gsa schedule consulting services

The General Service Administration (GSA) is a part of the United States Government that helps manage government buildings, procuring products and services, and helps to develop policies and regulations. If your private company would like to work with the United States government, then you must also work with the GSA. It works by providing companies […]

Federal Services GSA Schedules: Secrets to Growing Your Service Business

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The road to becoming a Federal Services GSA Contractor can be drastically different for businesses, even from the same industry. The reason is that working for the government is not like working for private contracts. Becoming a Federal Services GSA Contractor has a lot of different necessities that make the process far more than being […]

A Modern Approach to Winning With GSA in 2020

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The General Service Administration (GSA) is a government entity that was established in 1949. Throughout the GSA’s evolution in its governmental responsibilities, it has grown into handling the management of government buildings, procuring products and services, and helping to develop policies and regulations.  Due to the nature of these responsibilities, any private business interested in […]

Free GSA Training, Learn How to Grow Revenue Through GSA Contracts

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GSA Contracts are overseen by the General Services Administration. The main goal of this administration is to procure assets for the federal government. This includes everything from paperweights to building contractors. The GSA has Schedules or industry projects that need to be completed. The different agencies involved in that schedule create job posts. These job […]

GSA Advantage eBuy: Ultimate Guide to Grow Revenue Through GSA Contracts

gsa advantage ebuy

Growing revenue through GSA Advantage and  GSA Advantage eBuy contracts can be tricky. There is a lot of money to be made through these contractor channels but there are quite a few steps to getting a GSA Advantage and eBuy contract. Everything about your proposal, quote, and company specifications needs to be what the federal […]

5 Ways to Leverage GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule to Grow Your Revenue

For Small Businesses, getting a Federal Supply Schedule is often a boost to revenue. This is from the new opportunities the FSS program brings. What is the GSA FSS Program? You will come across various names for Federal Supply Schedule. FSS is also called: GSA Schedule Contracts GSA Schedules Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS) Background: GSA […]

What is GSA eBuy & Methodically Winning Federal Bids

What is GSA eBuy & Methodically Winning Federal Bids GSA eBuy was designed to bring ease and versatility to online procurement, for both Agency Buyers and Contractors. GSA eBuy provides both with a user-friendly tool that helps streamline the GSA purchasing process. What is GSA eBuy? Using the GSA eBuy system, federal agencies (buyers) may […]

10 Steps to Become a Dominant Federal Contractor

Are you continuously trying to move the needle on your government contract sales? I thought it would be a good time for Government Contractors to take a step back and consider any lost profit centers. There are so many actions you can take to improve government sales, but here are the top ten in my […]