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Benefits of a GSA Contract to the Furniture Business

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The GSA Furniture Category will be the topic in this post. The General Services Administration (GSA) established a program focused on providing streamlined acquisition solutions to the federal government. Contracting officers from GSA hold thorough deliberation of company proposals before they can get into the program. It is to screen the enterprises that can exceed the organization’s standard to simplify the transactions between them.

Businesses can offer various items, including office supplies and services to different departments of the government. There are also specific goods listed under the GSA Schedule of National Business Furniture catering to furniture businesses. All the federal buyers need to do is set an order considering that a considerable fraction of the procurement process has already taken place. Additionally, these businesses must recognize GSA policies like setting predetermined pricing and terms negotiated between NBF and the GSA.

The business landscape is ever-changing. If you want your business to continue to grow in the furniture industry, it is imperative to grab new opportunities. In addition to expanding branches of your retail locations, it would also be beneficial to tap into the government market. The federal government is an entirely new venture worth the shot as long as you meet shifting consumer demands.

To increase your chances of winning government contracts, you can obtain GSA Schedules that support your furniture and furnishing requirements. Businesses that hold GSA contracts can access potential federal buyers in its exclusive database. Whether you offer furnishing services to all sorts of spaces or furniture models, you can find valuable consumers through GSA. It is the primary contracting vehicle that a majority of federal agencies utilize to purchase anything furniture-related.

Access to GSA service means that you are closer to your consumers than ever. Public sectors always need such services to maintain, design, and manage their workspace and assets. You can also offer significant office upgrades, renovations, relocations, and furniture designing as long as you have a team of professionals to handle the task.

Benefits of GSA Contract to the Furniture Business

Holding a GSA contract can be your leverage towards business growth. You can find long-term consumers with federal agencies looking for suppliers and industry experts. With that in mind, here are the benefits of GSA contracts to furniture businesses.


GSA contractors have the luxury of placing government bids throughout their 5-year contract. As long as furniture businesses adhere to GSA policies, they can also receive three consecutive renewals for another five years. In other words, companies can leverage their GSA Schedule for the next 20 years. Not only does it give you stability but also minimal administrative work for the years to come.

A majority of federal agencies take time to find the best suppliers they can lean on for the years to come. The components that make up your furniture can tell how reliable you are as a brand. So if you want to keep a client around for a long time, make sure to give your all!

Guaranteed Returns

Getting awarded a GSA contract can turn your life around for the better. Whether you acquired your GSA Schedule with GSA consultants’ help or extensive research, you can benefit from its guaranteed returns. It is always worth an investment as long as you know how to market your furniture correctly and get to your target market. As a GSA contractor, you can also leverage many GSA tools to infiltrate your prospective federal buyers better.

Access to an Untapped Market

Although thousands of GSA contractors are available, this number is still lower than your competitors in the commercial market. There are always contracting opportunities readily available as long as you deliver quality work. After all, GSA is the primary procurement vehicle used by a majority of federal agencies to date.

Improve Your Reputation as a Brand

The title of becoming “GSA certified” can build your reputation as a brand. Although the application process is scrutinous and strict, you can always ensure that your business matches GSA standards. Federal agencies would most likely prefer to bring their business to a company that passed the government evaluation process. Simply put, you can earn the trust of your target market if you have a GSA contract.

Streamlined Acquisition Process

GSA’s key benefit is its efforts to streamline the acquisition process both for buyers and government vendors. This benefit makes the time-consuming and complicated application process worthwhile. Soon after you are on GSA Schedules, your prices are pre-negotiated at a reasonable and fair point. In this way, you can skip the negotiations and prepare the orders straight away. The acquisition process is also arranged before the sale to eliminate the hassle of hefty paperwork.

Excellent Vantage Point for Small Businesses

Almost 80% of GSA contractors are composed of small businesses. The program placed its focus on providing a vast platform, especially for disadvantaged business categories. If you are part of the following groups, getting a GSA schedule is likely the best decision:

  • Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) – businesses owned by people residing in highly distressed areas
  • Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) – businesses managed and owned by women
  • 8(a) SBA certification – Courtesy of SBA, this certification can benefit businesses owned by disadvantaged individuals
  • Veteran-Owned Business (VOB) – honors business owners that are veterans


The General Services Administration established the GSA Schedules program to provide ample opportunities to businesses of various industries. It is an excellent way for furniture businesses to increase their reach to an entirely untapped market. Apart from networking opportunities, GSA contracts are their ticket into the government market. Even with all the hoops that businesses need to jump through for approval and continuing their schedules, the endless revenue stream makes GSA contracts a worthy pursuit.

With this attractive business opportunity comes a whole new responsibility. It is important to note that this market is incomparable to commercial sectors. There are compliance and maintenance processes attached to pursue GSA services consistently. After all, its endless advantages can live up to the strict application and tedious contract maintenance that can last for a couple of years.

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