How to Get Your First Federal Contract?

Getting First GSA Contract

Billions of dollars are spent by federal agencies on supplies and services every year, making them one of the world’s largest contractors. Federal contracts give independent contractors vast opportunities, including small and medium-sized businesses looking for more options to expand their business. What should you do before you bid? The General Services Administration (GSA) established […]

How does the GSA Schedule (GSA MAS) Work?

GSA Contract

Making a sale within the government marketplace can be more complicated than it seems. Before you can begin earning, you need a contracting vehicle that permits you to do so. There are many restrictions and regulations involved in this venture that every business needs to know. Not to mention the fact that the application process […]

What is a GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract?

GSA Contract

IT Schedule 70 refers to the long-term governmentwide contract designed by the General Services Administration (GSA). Schedule 70 covers services surrounding commercial technology, including an array of products, solutions, and services. When products and services come from companies under the GSA IT Schedule 70, it ensures they went through tedious evaluation from the institution. GSA ensures […]

What is a GSA Schedule Contract?

GSA Services

A GSA Schedule contract is a government-wide contract that can be effective for five years or more. Businesses can take advantage of over $30 billion in sales just by being GSA-certified. Companies big or small can obtain a GSA Schedule contract as long as they accomplish its lengthy application process. Once you earn a GSA Schedule, you […]

How to Grow a Small Business Through a GSA Schedule

How to Grow a Small Business Through a GSA Schedule

In hindsight, growing your business in the government marketplace can be intimidating. The competition can be fierce, especially for up-and-coming enterprises. The process of getting your foot in the door in itself is lengthy and complicated. Without further knowledge about the application process or help from a reliable GSA Schedule contractor, it is challenging to acquire GSA […]

Benefits of a GSA Contract to the Furniture Business

GSA Advantage eBuy

The GSA Furniture Category will be the topic in this post. The General Services Administration (GSA) established a program focused on providing streamlined acquisition solutions to the federal government. Contracting officers from GSA hold thorough deliberation of company proposals before they can get into the program. It is to screen the enterprises that can exceed […]