All You Need To Know About the GSA Springboard Program

Know About the GSA Springboard Program

If you are familiar with the General Services Administration (GSA), you probably already know that they don’t allow businesses that have been operating for less than two years. The good news is that there is still a way around this ruling. Even though your business is not old enough, the GSA Springboard program lets those […]

Prevent Yourself from GSA Contract Cancellation

man prevented himself from gsa contract cancellation

Do you have a few months left on your GSA contract? If so, you must make about $25,000, or else GSA officers have no choice but to purge your agreement. It is not the General Services Administration’s (GSA) intention to strip away all of the opportunities that your business needs to grow. However, it is […]

Why do Agencies use GSA Contracts?


The General Services Administration (GSA) developed a comprehensive platform for enterprises to tap into the government marketplace. Apart from federal agencies, the state and local government, including hospitals, tribal governments, and educational institutions, can procure products and services from the GSA contractors. GSA streamlines the acquisition process by establishing pre-negotiated contracts and driving businesses to […]

A Brief Guide to GSA PSS Contract

Compliance Risks for GSA Schedule Contractors

To keep up with the increasing demands of the public sectors, the General Services Administration (GSA) established a comprehensive schedule program. One of these programs includes the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract. This schedule provides a centralized contract solution for all federal agencies while streamlining the acquisition process. Simply put, it consolidates the professional services […]