Who can purchase from a GSA Contract

One of the important questions to ask when you are looking to get your GSA Contract, or market an existing one, is:

Who can buy my products or services through a GSA Contract?

The answer to this question will reveal the true value of acquiring a GSA Contract, because you will know how wide or thin the market is you will gain access to. Understanding your potential customer base is an important step in deciding to pursue acquiring a GSA Contract or not.

Answer: Who can use a GSA Contract to purchase goods/services?

Every federal agency and sub-agency can and does use the General Services Administration (GSA) to streamline their purchasing procedures and save money. Some federal agencies use GSA Contractors almost exclusively, while others only for certain items.

Non-profits, Indian tribes, states, municipalities, and many other organizations also have the ability to purchase through the GSA. Although, there are some limitations depending on their own internal policies. It is very possible that within a few years, these organizations adopt the GSA as their primary purchasing mechanism.

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