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What are the Sales for each GSA Schedule

** Sales data is for FY2018

GSA ScheduleSales Amount% of Total
Schedule 00CORP | Professional Services Schedule$8,232,273,21825.01%
Schedule 03FAC | Facilities Maintenance & Management$526,448,8961.60%
Schedule 23V | Automotive Superstore$174,960,2230.53%
Schedule 36 | Imaging & Document Solution$570,331,6761.73%
Schedule 51 V | Hardware Superstore$841,406,9082.56%
Schedule 56 | Buildings and Building Materials$243,200,8560.74%
Schedule 58 I | Professional Audio/Video$112,201,1020.34%
Schedule 66 | Scientific Equipment & Services$614,939,7231.87%
Schedule 67 | Photographic Supplies & Services$32,172,9740.10%
Schedule 70 | Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services$15,046,299,54145.72%
Schedule 71 | Furniture$866,213,3752.63%
Schedule 71 II K | CFMS$35,129,0960.11%
Schedule 72 | Furnishings and Floor Coverings$25,450,2810.08%
Schedule 73 | Cleaning Supplies & Food Service$148,808,4190.45%
Schedule 75 | Office Supplies & Services$350,484,4161.06%
Schedule 76 | Publication Media$70,567,7420.21%
Schedule 78 | Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation Trophies and Signs (SPORTS)$144,357,4080.44%
Schedule 81 I B | Shipping & Packaging$78,228,2160.24%
Schedule 84 | Security, Fire, Law Enforcement$1,299,554,3523.95%
Schedule 87 | Professional Services Schedule (PSS)$1,079,304,3953.28%
Schedule 520 | Financial and Business Solutions$448,264,8211.36%
Schedule 541 | Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions$22,243,3110.07%
Schedule 599 | Travel Services Solutions$1,053,138,3773.20%
Schedule 736 | Temporary Staffing$107,599,7440.33%
Schedule 738 X | Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services$340,956,1521.04%
Schedule 751 | Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks$1,277,1460.00%
Schedule 899 | Environmental Services$34,711,2080.11%
Scheudle 48 | Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions$288,759,1380.88%

Citation: Data pulled from SSQ Tool.

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