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Top 5 Reasons To Get a GSA Contract

  1. The Fed spends in great numbers: US Discretionary spending by the federal government is expected to grow 6.5 percent this year. This is more than double the pace of the US economy (GDP). In 2010, government spending on goods and services is expected to rival the combined revenues of the 20 largest Fortune 500 companies. To help investors capitalize on this large growth market, INPUT has established a dedicated team of analysts.
  2. The Average GSA Schedule Holder does over $2 million a year in government contracting. The vast majority of GSA Contract holding companies are small businesses who have grown profits dramatically through federal contracting.
  3. With a GSA Contract, your company is found in the first place purchasers go to: GSAAdvantage! This is the shopping mall for federal buyers, and they use it for more than half of the federal dollars spent each year.
  4. With a GSA Contract, a business can compete with much more strength. In some cases a GSA Schedule Holding company can even win high-dollar bids without any contest. No more waiting at the end of the line for the best projects, and then competing in a big pool to win them.
  5. With GSA Schedule Services, you have a money-back-guarantee, and can take advantage of our experience, speed and efficiency to get years ahead of your competitors.

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