“Our revenue grew $26.8M in 4 years on the GSA Schedule Program” – Ted M.

Think You Need a Legal Team Just to Get a GSA Contract? Not Anymore!

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The GSA contract system is made to be transparent, honest, and easy so that small businesses can afford to take part in government contracts. They made joining the GSA contract system so simple that you won’t even need a legal team to join this lucrative system.

But, don’t simply take our word for it! Here we will discuss how the GSA Schedule Program works to bring in large contracts for your company, how to find out if you qualify, and just how simple of a process it truly is.

The GSA Schedule Program Can Bring Large Contracts

Over $30 billion was spent on the GSA Schedule Program in 2019 alone. This means the government placed a large emphasis on pushing their contracts to help small businesses grow all over the country. Even better, a vast amount of this money was from large contracts that are easy to manage. However, even if you don’t get a large contract, you will quickly find that much of this work is repetitive allowing you to plan out your operations and business growth well in advance.

Each different agency that participates in the GSA schedule has the same set of standards and rules, and they all know what the requirements are for contractors to join the GSA program. In this way, you will come to find that you will quickly build core competencies that federal buyers will come to you for time and time again. So, even without a large contract, you will be able to quickly and efficiently meet the orders of many smaller contracts for every agency.

But Do You Qualify?

Most businesses throughout the country are able to qualify for a GSA contract. All you have to do to qualify is ensure you meet the following standards:

  • A minimum of two years in business.
  • Currently, sell products that match the specifications of what the government is looking to purchase. The type of products the government looks for is vast and even includes a “miscellaneous” category.
  • Proof of selling $25,000 worth of product in the first two years, and $25,000 per year every year in business after those first two years.
  • No major debt issues as it can become a liability for the government.
  • Maintain full compliance with the TAA.
  • Provide a Letter of Supply for any products that you do not manufacture in-house.

To make this process even easier, you can get pre-screened to ensure you’ll meet the GSA schedule requirements before applying. This takes out all of the guesswork and helps streamline the overall application process.

But, Isn’t it a Long and Difficult Process?

While getting work through the GSA Schedule Program is not a difficult process, originally getting your GSA Contract in order to access the marketplace can be time-consuming. It involves a significant amount of paperwork for the application with detailed requirements that must be accurately filled in. However, there are plenty of resources readily available for you to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

GSA Focus Makes the Entire GSA Process Simple

Using GSA Focus will make it very simple. By using this service, you will be able to quickly determine if a GSA contract is right for you, and have it managed for you from start to finish so that you can focus on what your company does best.

Rest assured, GSA contracts are an attainable goal for almost every small business owner that offers products or services. By using GSA Focus, you will be able to meet your goals without issue and get plenty of expert-level help along the way. GSA Focus has hundreds of satisfied clients making them the premium service provider to get you up and running with a GSA contract. They can completely guide you through the GSA Schedule Provider process so that you can start a lucrative line of business as a long-term government contractor and service provider.

GSA focus has been in the business for 12 years and has a 98% success rate in getting their clients accepted for lucrative GSA contracts. If you think that GSA Contracts are right for your small business, make sure to contact GSA Focus today so that you can save yourself time, frustration, and get fast-tracked to accessing government bids.

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