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In 2010, we have seen monumental growth in government spending.

Let’s jump in to GSA Focus’ 2010 Spending Recap:

According to Special Report #78, released in June by The Heritage Foundation, spending in Washington has been accelerating across the board since the year 2000. Federal Spending rates are rising on a level unseen since World War II. The June report cites that “Discretionary spending has expanded 79 percent faster than inflation as a result of large defense and domestic spending hikes.” Additionally, notable categories that have seen spending increases since 2000 include Veterans spending & Medicare. Simply put, all parts of government spending are growing.

At GSA Focus, we take a participative approach to assist our customers in earning Federal Sales by studying these expenditure trends and forecasting future spending. In our recent Issue of our quarterly newsletter, we published our Federal Spending Forecast for the 2011 Fiscal Year, where we’ve compiled all the data and figures you need to anticipate where Washington dollars will be spent in 2011.

In our newsletter, you’ll also find our Fed Market Hot Topic Highlights, including a special spotlight on Green Energy, MOBIS, and VA Health Care and Staffing. To subscribe to our newsletter, click here.

We, at GSA Focus, Inc., want to wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season, and a prosperous New Year.

Josh Ladick
GSA Focus, Inc.

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