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Things change so quickly nowadays in federal acquisition, and the General Services Administration (GSA) is no exception. But, is it important for contractors to keep informed on federal topics? And how do contractors keep up on the GSA’s most up-to-date news? This blogpost will address these questions.

Is it important for contractors to keep informed on federal topics? 

Many terms and conditions within GSA Solicitations and in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) have seen major changes. And these changes effect the ways that contractors maintain and comply with their GSA Contract. For example, GSA Contracts lean on the Trade Agreement Act (TAA), and the FAR lists the TAA compliant countries. This could change any time, and if a contractor is offering products from a TAA compliant country that falls off the FAR list, then they will be breaking federal laws by continuing to fulfill orders. And the federal government doesn’t accept ignorance as an excuse.

Another example is the new “green” initiatives that are sweeping through the GSA. Some GSA Schedules are seeing major changes, and if contractors do not react swiftly, they will find their sales dwindle. Unless they are continuously monitoring the GSA and federal buying news, they will not see the changes coming. So, it is very important to keep up-to-date on GSA happenings, and sign-up for recurring newsletters.

How do contractors keep up on the GSA’s most up-to-date news? 

Luckily, the GSA is very updated regarding communication technology and social networks. Yes, the GSA has a Facebook page, twitter, Youtube and even Podcasts. So, there is no excuse for any contractor to fall behind the curve because there are plenty of convenient avenues to keep informed on GSA news.

The Federal Acquisition Regulations are definitely not fun to read, but they are important to all federal contractors. And every government contractor, especially those with GSA Contracts, should know where to find the FAR, and should understand the most important clauses relating to GSA Solicitations and their industry. Luckily there is a free newsletter that informs every one on the list anytime a change is either pending or made.

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