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How Much Does GSA Schedule Consulting Cost?

How Much Does GSA Schedule Consulting Cost?

GSA contract consultants ensure the success of your proposal. A majority of these consultants take pride in contributing to the success of businesses in the government marketplace. When you tap into this exclusive market, it is imperative to work with an experienced consultant. They most likely have extensive knowledge when it comes to delivering a compliant and audit-proof GSA contract.

Before anything else, businesses should undergo GSA Schedule consulting. This consultation allows them to determine whether their business is ready for this venture. GSA consultants can provide you insight following the minimum eligibility requirements established by GSA. After all, what’s in line is the future of your business growth. How you submit your proposal determines your success in winning a series of delivery orders under the GSA contract.

But how much does GSA Schedule consulting cost? Let us find out in this article.

What Is Included in GSA Schedule Consulting?

Here is a rundown on the services offered in GSA Schedule consulting offered by many GSA firms:

Mid-Range Firm Offerings

Mid-range firms accommodate businesses with little experience in GSA contracts. These firms would only offer partial services giving some of the work for you to finish. Some companies rely on in-house fulfillment to fulfill relevant documents and work on the initial proposal. Simply put, they offer assistance to provide you with expert insight. The GSA application can get quite challenging, and a little error can hurt your contract’s chances. Therefore, requesting outside assistance is a practical way to determine if you are on the right path.

After all, you are looking to prevent the increased rejection rate for in-house proposals. Even though you employed staff with no experience with GSA contracts, a consultant can pick up their shortcomings and correct them before submission.

Assistance from mid-range firms can help businesses gain a clear understanding to get their offer accepted. Apart from GSA’s information, you could use someone who has experience in the industry to get the most out of your proposal.

Partial assistance from GSA consultants can help you focus on your business-related needs. In this way, you also get to prepare for when your company receives a GSA contract. It is vital to have strategic implementations prepared to manage all the opportunities you receive in the future efficiently.

Full-Service Firm Offerings

Full-service firms offer guidance and help from start to finish to acquire your GSA contract. They take time to get to know your company to develop a strategy that can leverage your proposal. From the fulfillment of documents, system registrations to drafting your proposal, GSA consultants are there to assist.

GSA Consultants will still be by your side even after the submission of your proposal. They will guide you through negotiations and clarifications of the contract.

You can take advantage of their expertise to understand the contract terms and conditions’ implications and requirements. It is their goal to help you establish a contract that aligns with your best interest.

Cost of GSA Schedule Consulting

Different factors come into play to determine the costs of GSA Schedule consulting. For instance, you can expect to pay between $15,000 and $24,000 to avail the full range of an ‘expensive’ firm’s services. GSA Schedule consultants will help you throughout the application process and until the negotiation stages.

For more affordable services, you are looking into an approximate of $5,000 to $8,000 (This is where GSA Focus lives, and we offer better services than the expensive guys!). More often than not, some firms might also charge extra for additional services.

It is essential to know that consulting firms that offer full-services anything below $10,000 can be quite suspicious. Any firm that provides services at ridiculous costs can most likely have a catch behind the price. Either they provide sub-par services, or their entire business scheme is a sham. Therefore, it is your responsibility to investigate the consulting firms with which you plan on working.

How Much Does Post-GSA Award Maintenance Cost?

Post-GSA award maintenance refers to services that help businesses maintain their GSA contract. The costs for these services often exclude the initial fees during the proposal submission. GSA consultants assist companies that can help them remain compliant. These professionals will continuously update you if there are amendments in the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. The rules and regulations are ever-changing, making it imperative to apply the modifications to your contract accordingly. When you stay compliant, there is no way for GSA to decline the renewal of your contract.

A majority of small and medium-sized businesses lack a specialized team that focuses on contract maintenance. They have no choice to ask for assistance from GSA consulting firms to prevent the risk of fines and potentially lose their contract. The costs of post-GSA award maintenance are typically ranging between $15,000 and $30,000 annually. In other words, businesses expect to pay a monthly fee of $1,250 to $2,500 to remain compliant.

What Type of Services are Included in GSA Schedule Consulting?

The services offered by GSA Schedule consulting firms can help businesses from start to finish of the proposal. They also assist when it comes to drafting changes in your contract to update its terms. GSA consultants contribute to businesses’ success by providing advice on pricing compliance regarding the price reductions clause and managing effective communication with the GSA on your company’s behalf.

Here’s a breakdown of the type of services GSA consulting firms offer:

Initial Application Process

GSA Schedule consultants leverage their extensive experience to gauge your company’s chances to receive a contract. During the initial application process, they determine the most plausible product and service categories you can pursue. GSA consultants strive to turn your commercial practices into something that aligns with GSA standards.

Contract Negotiation

Post-submission of the proposal is usually composed of a long waiting game. Soon after you hear back from GSA, you proceed to contract negotiations and clarifications. This opportunity is excellent for driving the terms according to your best interest. GSA Schedule consultants can help you navigate through the negotiation stage without sacrificing your winning chances. A seasoned GSA consultant can assure you that your GSA contract provides you the most benefits.

Post-Awarding of Contract

Ideal GSA Contract consultants provide ongoing support even after your business finally takes off. For the duration of the contract, you need further assistance to ensure GSA compliance. Continued compliance can help you maintain your agreement and become subject to renewal. Some consulting firms offer these services at an additional cost. It’s best to reach out to your GSA consultant to understand the terms for these services better.


Pricing is an essential factor that determines your budget to obtain a winning contract. While pricing is integral, it is also vital to look for experience and credible GSA consulting firms. This experience can help you receive the value of what you pay for and increase your chances of success. Although low-cost providers are affordable, you tend to spend even more money when your proposal fails.

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