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What’s it like working with GSA Focus?

This video will run you through our process to get a GSA Contract. Our overall philosophy is that we complete everything we can for our clients, while educating them on the important clauses and practices for GSA Compliance. We hope that this will explain in simple terms (1) the process of getting a GSA Contract, and (2) How GSA Focus is a GSA Contract Consultant that makes the process as easy as possible for our clients.

  1. Prepare Offer – initial group of documents submitted to the GSA
  2. Submit / Review – Digital submission to GSA E-Offer System
  3. Clarifications – GSA has questions and further document needs
  4. Negotiations – We prepare our clients for Negotiations
  5. Award – You get your GSA Number, and are open for GSA business
  6. Post Award – Registration is included in our services

Can You Trust GSA Focus as Your GSA Consultant?

We understand that in this day-and-age, our clients need to know that they are working with a trustworthy company. Here is how we address that: Honesty and References

  • HONESTY – We tell you the truth, even when it is not in our own best interest. I have told interested companies that they are not eligible to get a GSA Contract, and advise on the steps to take. I tell almost every client that getting a GSA Contract would not benefit them if they are ready to put the time and resources into cultivating a federal customer base. There are several GSA Contract Consultants that cold-call and promise the world, we don’t do that. If you don’t end up with a GSA Contract, then we refund your down payment (and this is built into our agreement).
  • REFERENCES – Over the past 7 years, we have built a customer base of over 60 clients from across the country and in almost every GSA Schedule. Any time a potential client asks for it, we provide a list of references to verify our work and prove our worthiness of their business. We even will connect potential clients with specific companies that are in their GSA Schedule, so they can get a feel for our competency in their industry.

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GSA Focus is the full-service GSA Contract solution for small businesses. Our comprehensive, full-service approach is paired with an affordable price to offer the very best option to get your GSA Schedule.

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