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7 Things You Should Know About GSA Office Management Contract

GSA office management contract

Government-wide contracts are increasingly established among government agencies as it streamlines the procurement and acquisition process of federal agencies of a multitude of products or services directly from suppliers.

As the largest government-wide contract established by the U.S. General Services Administration, the GSA Schedules Program, also called Federal Supply Schedules and Multiple Award Schedules, can provide approximately 11 million commercial products and services at a volume discount pricing.

GSA Schedules provide an array of products and services across different categories. This article will highlight the products and services under the Office Management Category.

How Does a GSA Office Management Contract Work?

GSA Office Management Contracts provide federal agencies with products and services to ensure a fully functional workplace, cut operational costs, and rid human resources of mundane tasks to focus on core, higher-value activities.

A GSA Office Management contract can provide government buyers with thousands of products, supplies, and services under the following Office Management subcategories:

Audio Visual Products and Services

GSA houses a one-stop-shop to cater to government buyers’ audio-visual needs. Of course, it makes sense that the government would want to offer the highest quality possible for any audio/visual production they undertake. So, from hand-held camcorders to professional audio and video equipment, GSA provides an extensive selection of professional audio and video equipment, signal data solutions, and recording or reproducing equipment to satisfy their Image Capture needs.

Interestingly, most items under this subcategory comply with Energy Star and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) regulations.

Document Services

GSA also offers a multitude of document services to fulfill various government buyers’ needs. GSA provides a wide range of document services, including:

  • Document Production Services: encompassing high-volume digital color copiers, scanners, and contractor-provided operational and management personnel that offers customers practical turn-key solutions for document production;
  • Document Conversion Services: involving the conversion of paper documents, microfilm, drawings, and other media into easily accessible and retrievable electronic formats;
  • Destruction Services: providing services to facilitate the safe disposal of classified, unclassified, and personal information on both hard copy and electronic media; and
  • Litigation Support Services: supporting attorneys and staff members to obtain, organize, analyze, and present evidence for legal matters.

Mail Management

Government agencies that struggle with tight staffing and budget concerns can opt for GSA’s Mail Management services to cut operational costs and free up resources to focus on higher-value tasks. Under Mail Management, government buyers can easily acquire cost-effective products and services to satisfy all of their mailing needs with the aid of meters, fully functional and integrated mail management systems, premium mail-room services, and so much more.

Publication Media Products and Services

With GSA’s Publication Media Products and Services, government buyers are sure to have access to meaningful information across various media options. Specifically, Schedule contractors under this subcategory offer excellent information service, knowledge management, e-Publishing, and data research solutions.

As GSA commits to provide green service offerings, contractors under the Publication Media Products and Services are also increasingly going digital.

Office Supplies and Office Services

GSA Schedule Contract holders under the Office Supplies subcategory offer a wide range of salient products in daily office transactions such as Office Products, Office Security Equipment and IT Products, Overseas Office Products and Supplies, and Dictating and Transcribing Machines and Systems. Moreover, GSA Schedule Contract holders under the Office Services subcategory offer Office Management Needs Assessment and Analysis Services, Office Relocation and Reconfiguration, and Network Connectivity Support Services.

GSA also provides products and services necessary for maintenance and repair.

Printing and Photographic Equipment

GSA also provides a wide range of Print Management Products and Services without compromising strict security requirements. Specifically, the Printing and Photographic Equipment subcategory offers state-of-the-art digital and engineering copiers. Plus, these multifunctional devices facilitate printing, scanning, and facsimile functions.

Government buyers need not worry as these types of equipment come with maintenance and repair agreements and consumable supplies. Furthermore, GSA contractors typically offer flexible financing options for these types of equipment, including purchase, lease, or rental.

This subcategory gets categorized further into two types of solutions:

  • Managed Print Services: Government buyers may opt to procure Managed Print Services to overcome staffing and budget restrictions, gain control over their printing devices, reduce printing costs, and allow more time to devote to core mission activities.
  • GSA’s 3D Printing Solutions: Government buyers can acquire modern additive processes for metal and polymers, consumable materials, innovative training modules, and part-producing services by opting for GSA’s 3D Printing Solutions. However, the initial design got created to meet buyers’ Additive Manufacturing (AM) requirements.

Records Management

As the world is increasingly shifting towards a digital landscape, the task of Records Management has also increasingly grown in scale and complexity. For this reason, GSA’s Unified Shared Services Management (USSM) office and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) teamed up. They developed the Universal Electronic Records Management (ERM) Requirements to support agencies in complying with various federal records management statutes and regulations.

Moreover, GSA’s Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) integrated these new requirements into the GSA Schedules. Hence, under the Records Management subcategory, government buyers can opt for any of these services:

  • Physical Records Management Solutions: including, but is not limited to, organizing physical records in any work area and tracking them digitally, indexing, scanning, labeling, barcoding, filing and storage, and preparing documents for storage, pickup, and retrieval.
  • Electronic Records Management Solutions: provides solutions to complex challenges arising from moving, manipulating, archiving, securing, and managing electronic records. Furthermore, Electronic Records Management Solutions can securely maintain records, collect data access and retrieval, and preserve records as necessary. Additionally, GSA offers additional supplies, products, and services toward total electronic records management solutions.


A GSA Office Management contract can optimize existing office working conditions by providing the best products and services to facilitate faster, easier, and more innovative working conditions. As GSA upholds strict and stringent screenings and evaluations for industry partners, federal agencies and government buyers can rest assured that the products and services they will get are of high caliber.


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