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GSA Government Contracts: How to Win Your Piece of the $45 Billion

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The thought of becoming a GSA Government Contractor is exciting. GSA Government Contracts are incredibly revered, they have endless streams of client potential, and they are also well-funded. The GSA has $45 Billion dollars in annual sales. At least 23% of those sales need to go to qualified small businesses. 

That is a minimum of $10.35 Billion dollars going into the pockets of small businesses, just like you. So, how do you put yourself in the position to be one of those qualified small businesses? Here is your GSA Government Contracts cheat-sheet. Here, we will tell you how to win your piece of the $45 Billion.

Get Your Business Ready for Federal Contracting

While every business would like to get a piece of $45 Billion, there is no easy way to be awarded a GSA Contract. Simply being awarded a contract is a feat all on its own. However, earning a contract is only the beginning. Afterward, you have to focus on securing a job. While there are plenty of opportunities, there are also many other businesses that are just as qualified and perhaps have better connections; as they were awarded a contract earlier than you. 

Fortunately, with GSA Government Contracts, research is something that will always put you ahead of the curve. Here are a few references that can help your business get ready for federal contracting and put you ahead of the competition:

This way, you will be prepared when you are ready to start the process of becoming a GSA Government Contractor.

$45 Billion GSA Government Contracts

For the last five years, GSA Government Contracts have been on a major upswing. Every year, the federal government sales have gone up (in the billions) which means that more small businesses are getting substantial paychecks. 

While IT solutions continue to be the most profitable schedule, the Automotive Superstore Schedule, the Professional Services Schedule, and Photographic Equipment, Related Supplies, & Services Schedule are doing exceptionally well, where they haven’t been such essential schedules in years past.

However, these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GSA Schedules. Almost every industry out there has an opportunity to get a piece of the $45 Billion dollar pie.

So, do your research to make sure you know exactly which type of niche you fit into. Knowing this will greatly improve your chances of receiving a GSA Government Contract and being awarded a job. Remember, the more information you can give federal buyers, the easier it is for them to hire you.

How to get GSA Government Contracts

The government always has a specific way they need things done. Achieving GSA Government Contracts is no different. To hire your company, every federal buyer needs to have a reason and the more information you provide, in the correct format, the better their reasoning will be for hiring your company. 

Here is a quick snapshot of how to get GSA Government Contracts:

  • Download the Solicitation Package: By downloading the latest version of the Solicitation Package and following it to the letter, you are showing your dedication to this endeavor. 
  • Get Your Offer Together: The Solicitation Package will explain everything you need to provide to develop an acceptable offer. If you follow this exactly, answer every question, and give every bit of information they require, regardless of how tedious, you will have a good chance at getting a GSA Contract.
  • Send Your Offer Correctly: Thankfully, the days of sending your offer through the mail are over. Now, you can send your offer online, directly through the GSA’s eOffer system. This system will expedite the sending of your offer. Plus, through this system, you have the option to save and return to the eOffer as often as you would like before sending it.

Although, it is important to note that you will need a Digital Certificate to send your offer this way. So, make sure you have that certificate available before you complete your eOffer.

  • Be Patient while the GSA Reviews Your Offer: After sending your offer, it could take several weeks to hear back from your contracting officer but be patient. When you do hear from your contracting offer, the best way to keep the connection going is to answer any questions they have within a day of receiving the email. 
  • Maintain Your Contract with the GSA: Remember that being awarded a GSA Contract is not the end of your journey. It is only the beginning. Now, you need to maintain your contract and find a federal buyer. However, this part is made easier by the GSA eMod System. This system helps you keep track of any changes in your contract and keeps you informed throughout the rest of the GSA Contracting process.

Capture GSA Contract Sales

The process of being awarded GSA Government Contracts is a long one but it is all worth it for a piece of the $45 Billion. Yet, even after you are awarded the GSA Contract, you still need to get a federal buyer. To do that, you need to learn how to market to the federal buyer and follow through with the job in a manner that makes the buyer’s life simpler. The better you can provide expert work with few issues, the easier it will be for you to get more federal buyers.

Other Types of Government Contracts

Even within the GSA Government Contracts, there are different variations of contracts and different awardees, depending on specific criteria. Here are some of the most unique government contracts that your business might be certified to receive: 

Ultimately, there are a lot of different ways that your business could qualify to win your piece of the $45 Billion in GSA Government Contracts. All you need to do is be vigilant and give the federal buyers what they want.

To conclude, when you are researching GSA Government Contracts and trying to decide how to win your piece of the $45 Billion, it is important to have the correct information at hand. The more you research and can connect your company to their needs, the more apt federal buyers will be to contract your company for their schedule.

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