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Federal Marketing Plan Template (Free)

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We have created a free resource for everyone: Federal Marketing Plan Template. This is a must have for any company under-performing in the federal market, designed to reveal some of the reasons your government sales are not where they should be.

The federal market is getting more competitive as funding tightens. The good news, however, is that the US Government is still the largest buyer in the world by far. We have experienced and helped many companies excel and see growth in the federal market even as the budget becomes tighter. The goal of this Federal Marketing Plan Template is to surface some of the weak areas of your government marketing that need to be developed.

Some of the data calculations will take time, and we can assist if you just want the research done on your behalf. We are on the major government acquisition websites daily (GSA SSQ | FPDS USA Spending), and know how to navigate them quickly and accurately. Please call us at (866) 916-6484 to discuss how you can grow your federal marketing in 2013.

Here is a peek into the beginning questions, but it is much more exhaustive.

  • Established Contract Vehicles (GSA, DLA)
  • Capabilities Statement development
  • Best use of your company website
  • Determining and utilizing advantages
  • and More …

We also offer a list of the vital data you must gather to begin your Federal Marketing Plan

  • Industry Description & Narrowing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Agency Research & Focusing
  • Market Share Calculation
  • Proposal Win Percentage
  • and More …

[box type=”download”]1413221019_699046-icon-57-document-download-128(Download the Free Federal Marketing Plan Template)[/box]

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