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Does GSA Schedule 70 still exist?

Does GSA Schedule 70 still exist?

GSA Schedule 70, also known as the Information Technology (IT) Schedule, was a procurement vehicle that allowed federal agencies to purchase a variety of IT products and services from approved vendors. The IT Schedule was administered by the General Services Administration (GSA), a federal agency that provided procurement and property management services to other agencies.

But does Schedule 70 still exist?

However, it is important to note that GSA Schedule 70 is no longer active or available for use by federal agencies. This means that agencies can no longer purchase IT products and services through the IT Schedule.

The discontinuation of GSA Schedule 70 may come as a surprise to some, as it was once a widely used procurement vehicle in the federal government. It offered a range of IT products and services to agencies at pre-negotiated prices and provided a streamlined procurement process.

How do GSA Buyers get IT items now?

However, the discontinuation of GSA Schedule 70 does not mean that federal agencies are without options for purchasing IT products and services. The subcategories (SIN’s) still exist, they have just been rolled into the Multiple Award Schedule IT Category, which can be used to purchase a variety of IT products and services.

While GSA Schedule 70 is no longer an option for federal agencies, it is important for agencies to be aware of the other procurement vehicles that are available to them. By utilizing these options, agencies can still meet their IT requirements and purchase the products and services they need.

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