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CAV Visit – GSA Contract Audit

Once or Twice every two years, the GSA Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) for your region will reach out to you for a light audit, called a CAV Visit. Here is what to expect:

  1. They will ask for a number of documents and reports
    • Original Award Document (SF1449)
    • Most recent mod approval document (SF30)
    • Current GSA Price List
    • Current Commercial Price List
    • A report of your GSA Sales for the past 12 months
    • A report of your Commercial Sales for the past 12 months
  2. They will then ask for invoices, proposals etc. for a sampling of the sales.
  3. They will review the documents for issues with compliance, and then schedule a call to go over everything with you.

Overall, the process is not very painful, and the risk is pretty light unless you have some glaring compliance issues. In the end you will receive a Scorecard that grades you on how well you keep your GSA Contract compliant – HERE is the format for that so you know what they are looking for.


We are here to act as a “filter” for your documents. When the GSA request’s items, we can take a look to make sure there are no compliance issues that the GSA will surface. Also, general advisory services from GSA Focus can make this process much smoother.



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