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Two Strategic Questions Before Pursuing a GSA Contract

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Strategy is of the utmost importance. Without proper preparation, success will always be something being chased but never caught.

There are two question you must ask yourself before pursuing a GSA Contract: (1) Does my company “Qualify” for a GSA Contract?, and (2) Are my expectations of the Federal Market reasonable?

Does my company “Qualify” for a GSA Contract?

“Begin with the End in Mind” – Steven Covey

There is no true “Pre-Approval” for getting a GSA Contract, but you can definitely do the research to establish a reasonable expectation, and you can speak to a professional to see if there are any reasons your company would be rejected (2 years experience, GSA Schedule placement, scope issues, etc.).

Because GSA Focus offers a Guarantee that our services will yield your Company a GSA Contract in the end, we are very cautions to start a project that is unlikely to succeed. This has led to a 98.3% success rate. So, if you are unsure of whether a GSA Contract is possible for your company, then the Pre-Qualify form will be of great benefit. If your company is not qualified to pursue a GSA Contract, wouldn’t you like to know before cutting a down-payment check and gathering preliminary documents?

Are my expectations of the Federal Market reasonable?

“There’s only one growth strategy: work hard.”  – William Hague

If you are a newer Government Contractor, you have an uphill battle, I am not going to tickle your ears about how your company is so great and you will definitely win contracts immediately. It takes time to break into the Federal Market, and some invest heavily just to discover that they have made no ground after a year or two.

Are you discouraged yet? Well, I may be going a little heavy handed but this is the case for those companies that think federal contracting will come easy to them. I have seen them deflated when they have no sales after a year (or two) and they learn that they made some critical mistakes down the line. Here are some tips that will help you to engage the Federal Market

  1. Keep your Expectations Reasonable – There is nothing wrong with being vigilant to yield the quickest results possible. However, when you are moving at the speed of government, things do not happen quick. So, you must be very strategic, disciplined, and have a long-term mindset.
  2. Get help, but be Cautious – There is no lack of options when it comes to federal marketing services. Some are very helpful and ingenious, others are predatory. So, do not rush into any relationships, go to great efforts to make sure their offering and approach will fit well into your strategy. A good consultant can take you from 0 to 60 in half the time (or less).
    (disclaimer: GSA Focus has three fed marketing associates that we trust and promote to our clients)
  3. Be Persistent – It often takes 6 + touchpoints before you see a sale even start to warm up. The Fed is the worlds largest customer, but man they make you work for it.
  4. Take Compliance Seriously – This has nothing to do with marketing, and it is not as fun as closing a 6 figure sale. But, it will keep you out of jail, which can be nice.

Are you disappointed with your Federal Sales?

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