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Award: Monarch Media (541)

On January 1, 2013, Monarch Media was awarded GSA Contract No. GS-07F-100AA and GS-07F-099AA for GSA Schedule 541 Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions, and SIN(s): 541 1000, 541 4B, 541 2000, 541 3, 541 4F.

Monarch Media is a leader in delivering custom eLearning and mLearning solutions across the globe. For more than 13 years we’ve helped leading corporations, government agencies, universities, and nonprofits accomplish their training and educational goals by blending the right technology solutions with superior instructional and graphic design expertise to create effective, compelling online learning experiences.

GS-07F-100AA and GS-07F-099AA
Schedule: 541
SIN(s): 541 1000, 541 4B, 541 2000, 541 3, 541 4F

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