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3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Consider a GSA Schedule Consultant

GSA Contract

A GSA Schedule is a long-term, government-wide contract that accommodates businesses, small or large. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and even start-up companies can sell to the federal government, as long as they are GSA-certified. It promotes the streamlined delivery of products and services while eliminating administrative and delivery organization’s repeated process.

It is a common misconception among small businesses that they cannot thrive in the government marketplace. Some are hesitant to obtain GSA contracts because they fear rejection or encountering compliance and payment issues. They believe that their size cannot last even if they get awarded a GSA contract.

More often than not, these points are not valid. Getting a GSA contract is one of the most plausible ways to open your doors to vast opportunities in the government. This certification proves the quality of their offers, delivery, and overall services. As a result, businesses can take on multiple deals in both government and private sectors through GSA contracts.

Benefits of GSA Schedule

The application to obtain a GSA contract is lengthy and tedious. However, all the hard work is worth it with the plethora of benefits in store for you. Small businesses can also take advantage of the fact that 80% of GSA contracts get awarded to companies of their size.

As a small business owner, GSA Schedules can benefit you in the following ways:

Long-term Contract

Once you receive a GSA contract, you are bound to coordinate with the government’s contracting vehicle for the next five years. Businesses can also renew their five-year contracts for three consecutive years if they consistently meet GSA compliance requirements. This renewal means that they can provide goods and services to the federal government for a total of 20 years.

Streamlined Selling and Delivery Services

A partnership with GSA means that you can provide streamlined acquisition solutions to federal buyers. You can take advantage of exclusive GSA services and tools to ensure a quick turnaround. A majority of federal institutions prefer purchasing through GSA for this exact reason. With a fast, simple, and straightforward purchase process, you can also acquire a portion of your income right away. It is also important to note that there is no cost data required to gain GSA-certified businesses’ procurements.

GSA does not set a limit when it comes to the size of orders. This opportunity is the primary reason why many federal agencies prefer to get their supply from GSA-certified businesses.

How To Choose a GSA Consultant

Here are the things you need to consider before selecting a reliable and competent GSA consultant.

In-House Resources

GSA consultants offer a variety of services depending on your GSA Schedule, goals, and needs. Some firms provide services that cater to your specific objectives and budget. For instance, some GSA consultants can provide either partial or full-time assistance.

Partial services refer to assistance provided on specific portions of the application. Companies often utilize this type of service that already employs an in-house employee to create the proposal or prepare the requirements. They could use partial assistance to make sure that their application is concise, practical, and complete. There is a slim chance that you can get approved, especially if your in-house resource is inexperienced. In the rare circumstance that they succeed, they need to render more time to perform proposal modification in preparation for the contract negotiation.

Often, an additional two months is required to re-submit, make changes, and update the terms. Although this can cost less than the full services, businesses tend to spend more. They need to pay for their internal employees’ additional benefits while paying for a consultant’s services. More often than not, your employee can also end up neglecting their actual job responsibilities to take care of the application. Ultimately, this is a risky approach that can compromise your business operations.

It is imperative for businesses that do not have in-house resources to opt for the full range of services. They can save time and expenses spent on market research and studying the government marketplace. GSA consultants can walk you throughout the entire application cycle to ensure success. Working with GSA firms with high success rates can streamline your application process with a proposal that can also help your business thrive. Furthermore, it makes financial sense to look for full services to enjoy its benefits thoroughly.

GovCon Experience

The GSA certification process is a lucrative task that requires patience for redundant paperwork and detailed requirements. You would not want to get rejected for the smallest mistake, so it’s best to work with someone with Govcon experience. The first thing you need to look for is their track record in putting together a GSA contract over the past year. A reliable GSA consultant can demonstrate their expertise in the field to get the value of your money.


Timing is crucial throughout the GSA contract application. A competent GSA consultant is a few steps ahead of everything that you need to submit. They should inform you which registration you should do first or the document you can obtain. Consultants must provide you with a timeframe for the entire process to help you anticipate your business objectives. Initial GSA application, including obtaining all the necessary documents, should not go beyond six months.

They should give you ample time to make amendments in case your application fails. Some documents expire after a year, so it’s best to make changes as soon as possible. The time lost is considered to be a sum of revenue down the drain.


Although a handful of businesses with a GSA contract fails eventually, this should not discourage you. These businesses often have their contract canceled due to a lack of sales. With the right mindset and strategy prepared, what should stop you?

There are far more successes under GSA programs. Businesses obtained a steady source of revenue for the next 20 years. They can also take advantage of the GSA contract to prove the quality of their products and services. This advantage gives them increased chances for growth and an established reputation in the industry. After all, you only reap what you sow. If you have a great work ethic, in addition to profitable products and services, there is no doubt that you can rapidly expand in the government marketplace.

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