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What is FedBizOps? Complete Guide 2023


FedBizOps, commonly referred to as FBO, is the primary repository for contracting opportunities with the federal government. All federal agencies post requests for information, bids for proposals, and other procurement notices in this one central location.

They publish all opportunities for federal procurement with a value of more than $25,000 on their website.

With FedBizOps, people can use the search engine on this website to locate more than a thousand active RFP opportunities, in addition to archival information. Moreover, it provides a list of potentials for future federal contracts. On this website, one can also view the GSA MAS solicitation.

Registering for an account with FedBizOps is the first thing needed to get started. Registering takes very little time, is completely free, and grants access to several fantastic features that one would be unable to use otherwise.

Through registering, one can take advantage of the following.

This option would save anyone a significant amount of time, especially if the search complexity and level of sophistication keep increasing.

FedBizOps in Marketing

Government marketers, federal salesmen, and sales and marketing workers, as well as anyone engaged in GSA Sales and GSA contracts, will find FedBizOps to be an invaluable resource.

FedBizOps Search Agents

The FBO platform enables vendors to look for business prospects based on many search variables. Once they have gotten constructed, these searches have the potential to become valuable tools for ongoing use inside the system. As a consequence, more complicated searches are available when needed as search agents, which can then be scheduled for repeated inquiry or carried out on an as-needed basis.

What is Missing from the FedBizOps Listing?

If one cannot believe it, there are still some instances in which an offer does not get listed on FedBizOps. The federal government may decide to hire a supply plan or a contracted vehicle for procurement purposes, but this will rely on the sector and the goods or services getting acquired. This option means that the request for proposals or the task order only gets distributed to a small group of vendors who have already been screened and given permission to carry out the specified work.

FedBizOps Decommissioning

The complete repository of government contracting opportunities is moving to a new location, which will result in the Federal Business Opportunities website shutdown, also known as FedBizOps, before 2019 comes to a close. The General Services Administration will be responsible for integrating ten different websites, mostly focused on acquisitions, into the new System for Award Management or SAM.gov.

Along with the Federal Procurement Data System or FPDS and the remainder of the services offered by the previous version of SAM.gov, the transfer of FedBizOps should take place during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2020. The title FedBizOps will be retired after the site is migrated to the new SAM.gov platform and will be succeeded by a website component titled Contract Opportunities.

Before the switch is made, users of FedBizOps will need to register for brand new accounts on the new website. According to the General Services Administration or GSA, government workers could use their FedBizOps information to create new accounts via Login.gov. This option should automatically transmit all of their functions and permissions. In addition, all users will get required to either register a new account through Login.gov or use an existing one.

Under the proposed format, the functions should migrate over automatically. However, they will have different names than before. The new website would have the same functionalities as the existing FedBizOps. However, some of these capabilities will be referred to by various labels.

New Features

Some advanced features will be available, such as the ones listed below.


Browsing through various opportunities could be a chore, but there is a perfect place that makes this experience a lot better and easier. FedBizOps has everything you need to know regarding contracting opportunities with the government. Though SAM would replace FedBizOps, it still works its magic.

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