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The GSA Transition – Complete Guide 2022

GSA Transition

In the United States, the orderly transition of power from one administration to another gets considered one of the founding principles of democracy.

The General Services Administration gives a presidential steering committee with office and collaborates access to government organizations to plan prospective policy changes with present government authorities, with $6.3 million in funding available to sustain its initiatives.

On the other hand, federal law requires that the GSA administrator first issue a statement of ascertainment identifying the leading candidate of the election before proceeding with the rest of the procedure. Essentially, the move is a public acknowledgment by the incumbent administration that a new president has gotten elected and that a transition period will be in place.

Importance of the GSA Transition Process

In addition to allowing a new administration to prepare how it would execute its policies before entering office, the GSA transition process allows entering officials to obtain access to sensitive information regarding dangers worldwide before assuming office. Furthermore, postponing the changeover process may have repercussions on national security.

The GSA Transition: Role in Presidential Transitions

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The transition from one government to another represents a pivotal point in the history of the United States. As a result of the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 getting modified, the General Services Administration of the United States has played an important role in ensuring a peaceful transfer of authority between the incoming and outgoing authorities since 1963. This Act gets referred to as the GSA transition.

As the GSA transition-focused law has improved to better the presidential transition, the role of the General Services Administration has expanded and developed.

A presidential succession will see the General Services Administration preparing to continue to provide support to the suitable candidates, the President-elect and Vice-President-elect, presidential inauguration, inter-agency transition, and the outgoing President and Vice-President. Assistance for the President-elect and Vice-President-elect and the leaving President and Vice-President only gets offered in the case of a change in the organization’s direction.

Below are the main roles of the GSA during presidential transitions.

Provide GSA Transition Support to the Qualified Candidates

To assist each qualified candidate with preparing to accept their official duties, they are provided with services and facilities upon request in the presidential transition process. These services and amenities are sufficient office space adequately furnished, office and information technology equipment, and ancillary office materials.

GSA Transition Assistance for the President-elect and Vice-President-elect during their Transitions

The General Services Administration offers services and facilities to every president-elect and vice president-elect upon request to assist them in preparation to begin their official duties.

This assistance includes:

However, these services are only made available in the case of a change in the management of an organization.

GSA Transition Assistance with the Inter-Agency Transition

Through the Federal Transition Representative, the General Services Administration guarantees that the Federal Government has a unified approach to solving inter-agency roles and demands related to Presidential transitions and turnover of officeholders in the federal government.

Assistance is offered to organizations to collect briefing data and services relevant to the Presidential transition, which suitable candidates may seek, and prepare for presidential succession. Inter-agency collaboration gets supported through the Agency Transition Director’s Council, co-chaired by the Federal Transition Coordinator and other federal officials.

GSA Transition Assistance to the Outgoing President and Vice-President

The General Services Administration provides services and amenities to assist the transfer of every outgoing President and Vice President upon request. Space, communication networks, information technology assistance, financial planning, human resources management, communication devices, car park, fixtures, vehicles, office supplies, mail management, and regulatory support services also, including wage bills, financial services, and contract management, are some of the services and amenities offered.

When required, the General Services Administration partners with the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA, to assist previous Presidents in developing and upkeeping their archives. These services only get received in the case of a change in the organization’s direction.


Transitions can be challenging, especially when preparing to be a leader or signing off from a high post. Luckily, there are such things as the GSA transition, which comes with a variety of assistance required to assist them in assuming their official duties. Moreover, during the presidential transition process, the GSA helps secure and ensure safety on both the ends of the borrower and lender.

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