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If you need quick resolutions to all your needs associated with your GSA contract, contact appropriate help desk officers. Not only can they provide sufficient support, but they can also fulfill specific requests. Here are the types of people you can encounter at the GSA Vendor Support Center.

Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO)

PCOs are the ones who awarded you with a Schedule contract, so they serve as your contact person for modification requests. It is important to remember that PCOs are the only authorized personnel who can make your contract changes. These changes are upon your request, including adjusting to economical prices and legal company details like name changes. Every Scheduled contractor has one assigned PCO, which can be found at the GSA Schedules eLibrary website. All the necessary information about your PCO, including their name and contact details, can be readily accessible.

Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO)

After you receive the Schedule Contract, you receive an ACO. ACOs are responsible for mass modifications for altering languages in the original solicitation and processing claims. Large enterprises would also need ACOs to help produce their subcontracting plan. You can determine your ACO using this ACO Locator.

Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA)

IOA reviews your contract compliance using Contractor Assessments. These are administered in-person at your company site or online using virtual meeting applications. They will make sure that sales reports and IFF payments settle before progressing. Additionally, they are the ones to process sales adjustments when needed. After a detailed evaluation, they will submit the reports to ACO and PCO for recommendations. ACO and PCO will draft corrective actions based on the outcome of the report.

You can determine your IOA using this IOA locator.

Vendor Support Center (VSC)

VSC staffs are the ones tasked as your point of contact in case of technical issues. You can contact them when you’re having problems with your password or on your VSC-hosted system applications. They are not the ones designated to answer queries regarding contract matters. The VSC hotline phone number is 877-495-4849 or vendor.support@gsa.gov.

Procurement Ombudsman

The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman (OPO) raises your concerns regarding GSA to the concerning parties. They assist with GSA acquisition programs and processes. When you talk to a Procurement Ombudsman, you can ensure that your inquiries are directed to and addressed by the appropriate entities within GSA.

Researching GSA Schedules and Current GSA Contractors

The GSA eLibrary is your most valuable source in finding GSA Schedules and current GSA contractors. This resource provides a wide selection of acquisition services like the Multiple Award Schedules, Government wide Acquisition Contracts, Technology Contracts, and Assisted Acquisition Services. GSA sources are categorized based on the following:


These are the products and services for maintenance, repair, and supplementation of the necessary equipment to support agencies’ operations. They also provide assistance to help the completion of infrastructure and the acquisition of building materials.

Human Capital

These are services for everything surrounding Human Resources. They provide pre-employment background checks, compensation and benefits packages, company regulations, and other social services.


These involve products and services that support everything about Information Technology, including e-commerce, hardware, and software. They can also organize sufficient training regarding IT solutions and services that can be valuable in the current digital age.

Office Management

These involve products and services surrounding Audio, Visual, and other media-related entities. They can also provide media supplies and provide a hardcopy of photographic commodities.

Scientific Management and Solutions

These are products and services for government needs during scientific explorations. They can provide animals for the lab, medical equipment, and even testing and analysis services.

Transportation and Logistics Services

These are for all the government’s automotive needs. They can also set-up for logistics services, including package delivery and transportation.

Furniture & Furnishings

These involve products and services for the government’s furniture needs, whether at home, office, hospitals, or gyms. They can provide furniture furnishes and manufacture signs as needed.

Industrial Products and Services

These services offer tools and equipment utilized for commercial or industrial purposes. On top of that, they also provide test and measurement supplies to fulfill the government’s needs.

Professional Services

These are services for business, financing, language, legal, marketing, and more.

Security and Protection

They provided protective equipment, security systems, and testing equipment for protection and increased security.


They offer services for employee relocation and to settle accommodation and lodging. Subsequently, they can provide travel agents with sufficient expertise for all the government’s travel needs.


This category refers to other products they offer, including personal hair care products, flags, musical instruments, and apparel. You can also find complimentary Special Item Numbers (SINs) in this category.

Getting Help From the GSA

Here are the supply and procurement tools you need to keep in mind.

Acquisition Gateway

This option allows you to access resources and tools to improve procurement. On top of that, this will enable you to connect with other federal buyers government-wide.

AAS Business Systems Portal

This portal enables vendors to come up with purchase and delivery orders. Another way to maximize this tool is to generate reports and review sales for market research.

GSA Advantage

Federal buyers can shop and avail of a wide selection of products and services from thousands of contractors.


eBuy allows vendors to post requirements and receive quotes for their products and services.

GSA Global Supply

This resource allows you to avail of equipment, office supplies, device, and more.


For inquiries and concerns, you can utilize AskGSA for a quick resolution.

Now that you know the essential supply and procurement tools, you can utilize the market research tools.

Market Research ToolPurpose
FBO (previously Contract Opportunities) You can find federal government awards and contract opportunities over $25,000 using this tool.
Federal Procurement Data System–Next Generation (FPDS-NG)This system allows you to obtain federal procurement reports ad stay on top of the news on FPDS-NG.
GSA eLibrarySuppliers and their products and services for GSA Schedules, Department of Veterans Affairs Schedules, and GSA Technology awards are listed here.
Green Procurement Compilation (GPC)This resource provides information about green procurement requirements. You can also determine cost-effective acquisition strategies once you explore resources from this tool.
Market Research As Service (MRAS)They provide market research assistance free of charge to help you develop leads. This program can also offer strategies you can apply to grow your business in the market.
Schedule Sales QueryThe sales data gets reviewed for intended report quarters within the five fiscal years or the current one.


GSA Focus Maintenance Services

Here are the two main choices for maintaining your GSA contract:

Annual Plan

Annual plans pay monthly to help GSA Focus customers take GSA maintenance tasks off your plate. The fixed rates come with several modifications.

Menu Style

There is a flat-fee set to various modifications involved in your GSA contract. This fee enables you to modify specific measures for a set price without hidden fees.

Here are the phone numbers to contact in case of immediate concerns and queries that correspond to the following functionalities:

DUNS iUpdate: 866-705-5711, Mon – Fri from 8am – 6pm

SAM Heldesk: 866-606-8220, 8am – 8pm (Eastern Time)

GSA Helpdesk: 866-472-9114 / eoffer@gsa.gov

GSA Vendor Support: 877-495-4849 / vendor.support@gsa.gov

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