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Interested in Getting a GSA Professional Service Schedule? Here’s How

gsa professional services schedule

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know to obtain a GSA Professional Service Schedule (PSS).

What is the GSA Professional Service Schedule?

The GSA Professional Service Schedule (PSS) refers to the streamlined approach many businesses take to acquire service-based schedules. The primary goal of GSA PSS is to offer a complete package of solutions to service competencies. Their contractors obtain a single contract that works across many GSA Schedules.

Before, the GSA facilities category is solely used by vendors to their federal buyers. Accordingly, GSA schedules became the primary source for facility maintenance purchases when they utilized it for the Disaster Recovery program. Federal buyers prefer this because it is cost-effective and works well with their schedule.

Why Get a PSS Schedule?

Obtaining a federal supply schedule like PSS offers a significant number of benefits.

Contract Opportunities

One of the many perks to the PSS Schedule involves endless contract opportunities. With many contract opportunities, you gain continuous orders and constant revenue.

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)

Either the federal agencies or the contractors can come up with the Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA). These agreements refer to the simplified acquisition method to fulfill the repetitive needs for products or services. Federal buyers can access a full range of services under a single BPA, instead of going through different PSS Schedules. Thus, both parties can benefit because it makes repeat purchases easier and accomplished quickly.

It is important to note that BPA orders outside GSA cannot exceed the $100,000 threshold. With agreements made on PSS Schedules, there is no such cap expected.

GSA Advantage

Having a PSS Schedule allows you to benefit from the GSA Advantage. GSA Advantage is the e-commerce system where federal buyers go to make purchases. Orders that take less than $3,000 utilize a Government Purchase Card, without any competition. For larger orders, GSA Advantage research can justify orders. This system allows them to gather at least three bids without letting the contractors know.

Contractor Team Arrangements

Contractor team arrangements are vital to make agreements with two or more businesses. It is important to note that they should be FSS contract holders to get started.

Getting a GSA Contract

GSA Contracts have many names, from the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedules. These contracts permit contractors to sell commodities and services at pre-negotiated prices. This system also so allows them to market their business across government-wide entities. Qualified contractors can be part of the streamlined channel where federal agencies across various competencies can make purchases. The government market is one of the most significant customers contributing approximately $20 billion in sales each year.

You need to proceed to your GSA Contract application to be subject to approval. It is important to note that the proposal’s submission cannot guarantee your business with the government. You would have to wait for a couple of months before opportunities can come knocking on your door. Simply put, as soon as you’re approved, the sooner you can begin marketing your products and services to federal agencies. You also need to carry out exceptional marketing strategies to reach your target market successfully. The competition can be challenging, but you can excel with proper management and strategy techniques.

Here’s what you need to do to obtain a GSA Contract.


Before submitting an offer, you need to prepare for the years of commitment to come. You must complete two training courses to understand the GSA Schedule. he first is called Pathways to Success, and the second is a Readiness Assessment. Both of these programs are web-based and free of charge.

Pathways to Success provides an in-depth explanation of how GSA schedules work. This opportunity demonstrates the requirements to become eligible, the offer process, and contracting opportunities to explore. By the end of this training, you will determine what it takes to be a thriving industry partner. The Readiness Assessment Training helps you apply to the right offerings for you. The program discusses the appropriate Special Item Numbers (SINs) applicable for your offering. They will also hone your skills in utilizing GSA data sources that can help you develop leads.

Part of the preparation involves company registration across relevant places. Here they are:

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number

DUNS number is a unique code which helps you identify your business from the rest.

System for Award Management (SAM)

Being active in the SAM system allows you to perform business transactions with the government. It is important to note that registration for SAM requires an existing DUNS number.

Digital Certificate

A digital certificate is essential to access the GSA e-offer system. The e-offer system is where you will make modification requests for your GSA contracts in the future. Digital certificates ensure your data is secured and inaccessible to others. It can also contribute to the authentication of your profile when you complete an offer. Reputable third-party providers offer purchasable certificates.

Making an Offer

Putting together an elaborate proposal takes a significant amount of time and effort. You need to gather the required documents to qualify. These documents involve information about your company’s financial situation, products, services you offer, experience level, and business dealings. You will also encounter forms that you need to accomplish. Here they are:

  • Letter of Supply
  • Agent Authorization Letter
  • Price Proposal
  • Sample Labor Category Matrix

The documents that you have to submit include the following:

  • Financial Statements
  • Subcontracting Plan
  • Technical Proposal
  • Professional Compensation Plan
  • Previous Notification of Determination to Not Exercise an Option Letters
  • EULAs or TOS
  • Commercial Sales Practice-1
  • Commercial Pricelist
  • Pricing Support Documentation
  • Price Narrative

Make sure all the information you provided is correct. Otherwise, a single inconsistency can cost you your GSA contract.


eOffer and GSA systems are involved in completing your offer and submitting it. The completion of each segment likely will not happen in one sitting. You can save your initial session and return at a later time. Additionally, you can ensure that your data is secured, and no one can access it while you’re away.

After the submission, your offer goes for review by a GSA representative. They will check whether your business can succeed in supplying products and services. You can also expect them to study whether your offer is at the best price. The evaluation takes a couple of months, but you can begin selling right then and there when you receive your contract.

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