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Hiring a GSA Schedule Consultant vs. Acquiring a Schedule On Your Own

Hiring a GSA Schedule Consultant

Small and medium-sized businesses may acquire their GSA Schedule on their own to minimize the expenses. It is possible to perform all the legwork and fulfill the necessary forms themselves. Although it is the most cost-effective way to obtain a GSA contract, it comes with risks. You may employ an in-house staff with no prior GSA training and experience with government contracts. This staff member will need to spend a significant amount of time researching GSA standards and the government market. As a result, your employee might neglect their responsibilities to dedicate their time to increase the success rate.

The most practical way to obtain your GSA contract is through experienced GSA consultants. Hiring a professional helps you tailor the terms of the contract according to your best interest. At the same time, consulting firms have seasoned consultants that can walk you through the process.

With that in mind, this article discussed the difference between the two ways of acquiring a GSA contract. This information can help make an informed decision on whether keeping the work in-house or hiring a GSA consultant would work best for you.

What Do GSA Schedule Consultants Do?

GSA Schedule consultants provide professional help to guide you on submitting a proposal to GSA. They are experienced professionals when it comes to GSA regulations, policies, and specific requirements. The government marketplace is a whole different avenue in comparison with the commercial market. GSA consultants can help you develop strategies that boost your sales and revenue in a sea of vendors.

Some consulting firms also offer post-awarding services. After receiving your contract, you can reach out to them for contract maintenance and make sure you are still compliant. Ultimately, it is the goal of GSA consultants to make sure that your business succeeds.

Mistakes while self-applying

Self-applying for the GSA contract is common among businesses that want to minimize additional expenses. You can find complete information about the requirements and formatting across GSA websites. GSA provides applicants with a myriad of resources to prepare an elaborate proposal. They even offer educational opportunities and GSA training programs for those willing to learn more.

As the saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” Before immediately making the application by yourself, consider these mistakes to avoid unprecedented risks.

Affects the Business Operations

Although it is possible to process your application on your own, some risks come to it. Deploying an in-house employee to fulfill all the forms and requirements can affect their work. When business operations get delayed, it may result in irreversible results. Not to mention the fact that businesses need to compensate the employee for their work. So if you are paying someone to process the GSA application, why not hire a professional to do it? In this way, you can eliminate risks and increase the chances of success.

Delay Your Application

Appointing someone from your internal team who has little to no experience with GSA can jeopardize the application. The application is not as simple as obeying the requirements GSA has given. Businesses are required to craft a technical proposal of their offerings upon approval. It is integral that someone who will manage your application knows the GSA contracts’ ins and outs. Otherwise, you waste time learning about GSA policies and requirements as you go. The process may take longer than the 12-month timeline expressed by GSA guidelines. Not only can it delay your application, but your application can likely be full of errors and inconsistencies.

Thus, a delayed application can lose your opportunities for being awarded a contract on time.

Benefits of Hiring a GSA Schedule Consultant

Multiple benefits await when you hire GSA Schedule consultants to help with your application. They can make the entire process less complicated for you and handle the tedious parts of the application. It enables you to focus on creating a technical proposal that works for your business and is likely bound to approval.

Take Advantage of their Expertise

The chances of succeeding in getting awarded a contract are slim if you don’t know the process. GSA Schedule consultants have years of experience in the industry, which you can use to increase your success. They can reduce the number of errors that occur in most in-house proposals. GSA consultants are frequently updated regarding GSA changes to help you do what it takes to get your offer accepted.

Helps You Focus on Your Core Business

Hiring a GSA consultant does not take manpower away from your internal team. This benefit allows you to focus on your business’s core and prepare for what’s to come. While the application is ongoing, you can focus on developing strategies to help in your business growth. This timeframe is also perfect for anticipating the increasing opportunities you may receive once you are GSA-certified.

Post-Submission Services

If you think your work is complete, you are in for a surprise as you’re only getting started. There are other tasks that you still need to do even after your submission. Laws surrounding these contracts are continually changing. Terms and conditions stated in the agreement are entirely technical, which often requires an expert opinion. Maintenance and compliance are essential to achieve contract renewal.


The federal government is one of the most consistent and high-spending customers in the industry. Federal institutions and agencies would often spend over $40 billion worth of products and services every year.

A majority of federal buyers prefer businesses that hold GSA Schedule contracts. GSA Schedules represent streamlined procurement and acquisition options that supply their agencies at a negotiable ceiling price. Any company that is GSA-certified taps into this exclusive market and with a guaranteed steady stream of income. Although you can acquire a GSA contract by yourself, it’s best if you hire GSA consultants. They expedite the process of getting your business into the government marketplace. They can provide valuable insight into the GSA policies and how you can increase the chances of approval. Additionally, they provide useful tips on how you can improve your profitability from government sales.

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