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Getting Expert GSA Schedule Contract Help vs. DIY

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Companies may try to save some money when it comes to making a GSA Schedule contract by doing the necessary forms themselves. While there may be some reasons to want to do them yourselves, for example, if you have someone who already has experience with GSA contracts. However, more often than not, getting professional help with your GSA schedule contract is in your best interest. With that said, there are still many different considerations that you need to make before determining whether keeping this work in-house or getting professional help is best for you.

Reasons for In-House:

There are multiple reasons why you should consider keeping this work in-house. For starters, working with outside contractors or companies can sometimes pose a risk for your company. There are many scams out there, so you need to make sure to do your research on any company you’re considering hiring. Outside companies may also not stay true to their word and could potentially only finish parts of the work required when getting GSA schedule help. So, if you are a company that finds it hard to trust other companies then you may want to consider keeping GSA schedule contract work in-house, instead of getting someone else to do the work for you.

You may also end up saving money if you keep the GSA Schedule contract work in-house. Paying another company to handle the work can end up costing a significant amount of money. However, it is important to note that if you keep it in-house, you should designate one person or potentially a group of people to focus solely on these tasks. Designating one person or a group of people to focus solely on these tasks also makes it easier to compare your costs between keeping this work in-house and hiring an expert.

Reasons for Outside Help:

There are many reasons that you should consider getting help when it comes to GSA Schedule contracts. For starters, the GSA Schedule process is complicated. Getting a federal contract allows your business to tap into a growing marketplace, that has the potential to grow your business significantly. However, when working with government agencies, it is important to understand there is a lot of complicated situations going on. In fact, they’re so complicated that 9 out of 10 in-house proposals get rejected after the first submission. This is mostly due to a lack of knowledge required to fulfill these tasks. When you contract out your GSA schedule help, you can reduce the number of errors that occur because they will have an experienced team that fully understands what it takes to get your offer accepted.

Getting outside help, also allows companies to take manpower and resources away from these contracts and use them for other business-related needs. This allows your business to spend time growing in other ways leading to more opportunities in the future.

When comparing to get outside GSA schedule help or doing it in-house you need to consider some other factors too. These factors can help you decide which direction will be best for your unique business needs.


When considering the time it takes to complete a GSA Schedule contract application, there are several forms the time spent comes in. First, you need to consider if the time your staff is spending on this work is worth it. For beginners, it may take more than six months to complete the initial application. Then it can take several months to see if it has passed or failed. If it fails, it can take several additional months to get the final proposal completed. You also need to consider any time lost in completing this application and getting it accepted as potential lost revenue. Your companies goal should be to get the GSA contract completed and accepted as soon as possible to make the most of it. The faster this process can get done, the quicker you can take advantage of the work available through the GSA.


The quality of your GSA Schedule contract can go a long way in helping you take advantage of the federal market. It becomes especially important when optimizing your pricelist to remain competitive within the federal market while still maximizing your profit. This is an important factor to consider because any mistakes in your pricelist can potentially cost you thousands of dollars within your first year alone.


The government is always changing, and with those changes come changes to the laws as well. If you fail to follow the rules or do not fully understand and remain updated on them, you are exposing your company to some serious risks. You may want to focus on reducing the number of risks associated with these processes, and getting professional help goes a long way in managing these risks.


The work of GSA contracts does not end after it has been approved. After your contract has been acquired, you have to spend time maintaining the contract. This, too, can be a complicated and frustrating process. Another thing that you need to consider is that employees in your business always have the potential to leave, and when they leave, they are taking all of their knowledge with them. You can avoid this by hiring an expert company to complete these tasks.

GSA Schedule contracts are complicated processes but can be very important for businesses because they provide the opportunity to take advantage of the federal government market. While you may want to keep the tasks associated with your GSA Schedule contracts in-house to protect your company from getting scammed, you need to consider a wide range of factors. Most likely, you will need to hire someone full time to handle these contracts, which can be costly for any business.

If you choose to take your GSA schedule help outside your company, you do need to be aware of scams and unethical businesses. It is important to take time researching any company you’re considering hiring for GSA Schedule contract help as the field is filled with shady businesses. However, if you do decide to hire outside help, then this can allow you to focus on other aspects of your business and allow you to reduce many of the risks associated with doing this work in-house. At the end of the day, it is an individual decision, and you need to consider a variety of factors that depend on your specific business needs.

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