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Which GSA Schedules Will Thrive Under Trump?

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Which GSA Schedules Will Thrive Under Trump?

Trump and GSA Schedules

GSA and Trump (infographic)

President Trump already has a relationship with the GSA through his Post Office Hotel project a few years ago. And he has spoken very favorably of the agency.
Will the next 4-8 years be a golden age for federal acquisition with the GSA Schedule program as a preferred method for government purchasing?

No one knows, however, the simplified and streamlined methods that the GSA MAS program offer certainly lend themselves to the business-like approach that Trump is expected to bring into the Executive Branch.

Here are the areas within the GSA Schedule program that I expect to see growth in the coming years.

GSA Schedule 70 – IT Products & Services

President Trump is a businessman and has campaigned on running the government like a business, with more efficiency. Businesses use technology to solve problems and streamline processes, and GSA Schedule 70 is the perfect tool to support the technology purchases to bring our government up to speed. The new Cloud SIN 132-40 can be expected to take the federal government off of antiquated and limiting software and centralize Agencies information into the cloud.

Cyber security is a huge topic in government these days, with leaks of vital information happening left and right. The new group of Cyber SIN’s (132-45A, 132-45B, 132-45C) on Schedule 70 are uniquely suited to help government organizations guard from (and respond to) compromises in their information systems.

With the repeal or reshaping of Obamacare, Trump and congress will also need to consider any changes to the handling all of the Health records. Schedule 70 has SIN 132-56 to provide qualified vendors and their solutions to address the challenges that may arise.

GSA Schedules 56, 03FAC, 51V – Construction

President Trump campaigned on an improved infrastructure and more jobs. Government Contractors in the Construction industry will likely see some large projects to rebuild our roads, airports, etc. hitting FBO.gov soon.

Additionally, because President Trump has come from the building industry, he is uniquely suited to oversee the massive task of renewing America’s infrastructure. His organizational (and negotiation) skills could be greatly complimented by a large BPA-style contract utilizing GSA Contract holders within the MAS program.

Schedule 84 – Security/Emergency

“Building the wall” was perhaps Trump’s largest campaign promise, and he intends to keep it. The Border Patrol has traditionally utilized GSA Contractors and has a great relationship with the program. Several SIN’s on Schedule 84 are well suited to offer the products and services to build the wall at the border and secure it for years to come.

Also, Another Trump campaign promise was to put a greater focus on homeland security. So, we can expect some extra budget dollars going towards security integration and preparedness for attacks on American soil.

Schedule 00CORP – Professional Services

The greatest way that Trump can “Make America Great Again” is to bring jobs back. GSA Schedule 00CORP ( aka, the Professional Services Schedule – PSS) can be a conduit to quickly bring jobs back through Government contracting.

Schedule 00CORP offers many professionally skilled services that can improve the efficiency of government, such as business training and consulting, financial consulting, engineering and acquisition support, advertising/marketing, worldwide logistics and language services.

Additionally, the future of the energy industry is likely to change in the coming years. And with that will increase the government’s role in utilizing Environmental Services (SIN 899-1) to assess the impact of these changes. There are also several 899 SIN’s that should see growth that relate to construction (remediation/reclamation, materials disposal/recycling, GIS, etc.)

VA Schedules 65 II A (and other VA Federal Supply Schedules)

A troop pay raise has already been talked about by Trump and if he wants to go further he can increase the budget for the VA care of soldiers. Medical products, staffing and pharmaceuticals are purchased through the VA’s Federal Supply Schedule and they would see a boost in sales if Trump increased the budget to take better care of the troops.

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